Incorrect Button Mapping

I have been posting this bug multiple times since MCC first came out and no one has ever addressed this yet or even acknowledged it. The button mapping for Bumper Jumper on Halo 3 is wrong! While driving/flying a vehicle, the LB button is supposed to be the action button used for braking or banshee tricks. Instead, it does nothing on the MCC. Even the on screen tips tell you to use LB to do banshee tricks. Instead, that action button remains incorrectly mapped to the A button which also performs grenade switching while in a vehicle. It does 2 actions at the same time. Can this please get fixed? It’s very unintuitive to have to use the A button for vehicle actions while on bumper jumper. It defeats the whole purpose of bumper jumper. I don’t know if this will finally be heard this time, but I will keep trying for as long as it takes.

If you get the Elite controller, all your problems will be solved!