Inconsistent melee

melee in halo infinite is really inconsistent. you either lunge or you dont. Also there seems to be an issue with melee connecting and all it does is slide by and you miss


I too have had alot of issues with melee. I sometimes hit someone in the back and it won’t 1 shot them and I hit them, lunge past them and I am the one that gets backsmacked.

Registration with this game is off big time, I am pretty sure it’s a server side issue.


Yeah, the melee seems real problematic, among other things. Missed shots count, shots that hit don’t count, vehicles ram people at full speed and do nothing. I blame their new Slipspace game engine; I’m guessing it’s really a terrible engine and is the reason this game has minimal content after over 5 years of development, looks meh compared to old Halo games, and is riddled with bugs still. They should’ve kept their old engine so they could reuse assets from the classic games.


I’ve been complacent with a lot of Halo Infinite’s physics so far, but melee inconsistency is one I can’t ignore.

This is a caveat that was overlooked with no-collide, and it’s thrown all sorts of fistfights for me. It needs attention, and it needs it bad.


yea i played more today and its just getting more annoying hopefully we are not the only ones who will put the same feedback

Turn on your ping counter your probably in a game with 200ms+.

Melee hit registration is def off, agree not all times it lunges even though in similar distances.

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80 ms and I have the same melee issue. I have even meleed through people

Not saying there isn’t an issue to address here, but I’ve found melee to be consistent in online MP since they added the lunge feature years ago. Only standout problem I’ve noticed in this beta is sometimes hits purely do not register, or register in a different hitbox (front vs rear).

Oh yeah, I lunged forward to an enemy, I phased through hitting a wall, and at the same time he lunged me, back smacking me, while inside of me.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who experienced that :rofl:

. . . .you usually gotta pay double for that kinda action.


Definitely gonna blame ping on this. When I’m in a match with high ping, sometimes I’ll hit someone in the back 5 times just to get that back smack. The servers are just awful right now. Turn on your ping and fps monitors in settings. The game is also running at low frames on high end PCs

Heyo!!! :rofl:

Glad I’m not the only one who is experiencing this.

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that could be it as well i didnt pay to much attention to ping but after the initial 2 or 3 days its been out melee hasnt been the same now that could be because of fps issue or ping but fps i believe was already “patched” dont quote me on it

so wether it is a ping issue with servers, fps issue or what have you i hope this will get enough views or maybe another thread will get 343 attention to the matter

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So when I melee people, a variety of things can happen. If their shield is almost broken, it’s practically a 50/50 chance they will be killed. Sometimes they don’t die when their shield is broken. Sometimes, I would melee someone when I’m right up in their face, and the game registers a miss. I also see some people managing to melee me when out of range. That’s the other thing too, the lunge is also inconsistent. It only works when it wants to, and it almost never wants to.

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