//<Incoming CDF Transmission>//

//<Incoming Transmission…>//
//<Central Defence Federation Communication Relay…>//
<[Subject…]> [Marine and ODST Enlistment]
This transmission is regarding to Central Defence Federation Marine and ODST Enlistment.
[<Below are requirements to apply…>]
1.)Must have Halo 5:Guardians and or Halo: Reach
2.)Must have a working microphone.
3.)Must be Level 45 or higher.
4.)Must have Military Police Helmet
5.)Must be 12 years or older.
6.)Must be Disciplined & Mature.
7.)Must be willing to take & uphold any orders given to them to the best of their ability.
8.) Must have Nightfall or any variant of ODST armour
If you meet those requirements, we hope to see you soon at the nearest recruitment office.
Thank you for your time listening to this transmission and we hope to see you soon
Signed: John SII S117 B (The Wanderer117)
//End Transmission…>// //Error…Transmision Not Found…>//