Inclusive does not equal deleterious of women

I’m all for selection of body type and voice separately, this way you can have a masculine body with a female voice or a feminine body with a masculine voice. This allows people to select what they feel fits them best, and I believe its a fair way to be trans inclusive too. Unfortunately, however, the body types feel like rather than being inclusive, they’re so androgynous they’ve completely deleted the idea of femininity. The body types are hardly different, and the arms, legs, glutes and upper back hardly seem to change. Chest width and depth is also unchanged. It feels like there is no body type for female gamers at all. Best you can do is a thin, androgynous Spartan with a female voice. I’m not asking for a hypersexualized female, just that a woman spartan could exist at all.

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Good use of “deleterious” :+1:

But seriously, the body types are limited. The entire customization scheme is limited. (save for maybe the voices and prosthetics)


Is memory really that big of a deal these days with something like armors? How much space do armors take up? And are you telling me a morphed armor can’t share resources with the original? The managed to do it in every Halo game since Reach. Why would it be so much harder now?

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A female Spartan is not exactly feminine at all, now I dont know the lore on the Mk 7 Spartans, but typically the Spartans are either trained to death and/or genetically altered to represent the highest achievement of the UNSC, a super solider, physically superior to anything else considered human.

This is someone of huge height, stature, build, muscle bound and incredibly strong and agile to boot, regardless of gender. To that rant, no I dont think they should look any physically different to a male Spartan


No reason they can’t do it. Just taking the easy way out.

How soon people forget how things worked in previous games. It’s not the armour plate itself that changes, it’s the shape of the bodysuit underneath. Reach managed very definitely female Spartans without one single change to the actual armour pieces themselves.


halo 5 had underboob for some of the armour designs. Just saying.
The spartan 4’ s (mk7 is just the current base model of mjolnir) are modified humans with invasive implantations and supplements similar or even less than the spartan 3’s and way way less than the spartan 2’s because they are also to join the spartan branch from other branches of the UNSC.


Boobplate in an capacity is just dumb, but fair enough as theyre just further genetically altered soldiers, not on the same level as 2’s. Then a system similar to reach would be fair, but thats not to say that any women or man for that matter becoming a spartan in any capacity wouldnt have a far greater physical stature to the regular soldier. But hell even looking past that female UNSC soldiers dont have exaugurated curves compared to the male soldiers, to that regard I dont feel like Spartan should either

But if people really want something to designate that their avatar is distinctly female…then sure, I know its just a game but I feel like it steps on the integrity of the lore.

A addition/expansion to the body type options would be nice, that way players can have all the body types, combine that with the Voices no longer being tied to a body type and its even more player expression, a Jorge-esque physique with a female voice, or the inverse, a Kat-esque physique with a male voice.

but as of right now yeh there is barely a visual distinction other than the waist.

while this is a low priority for me, it would be nice to have those as options too.

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Giving someone enhancement to be taller, have greater muscle tone and stature should absolutely make sexual dimorphism even more obvious. Women put weight on in different areas than men. If you give women extra muscle they look more womanly. Unless you give them testosterone, then yeah they become more manly. Also, Spartan 4’s or mk7s as you called them are made into spartans post-puberty/adulthood. These women would already have a womanly figure, and they wouldn’t just suddenly have smaller os coxae as a result of Spartan enhancement. They were adult females with female bodies. To say being physically fit requires being manly is precisely what I mean by deleting women.


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For everyone who says Spartans all look the same because they’re genetically modified. That is only true for spartan 2s. We’re playing as spartan 4s now who we’re all fully and naturally developed adults before even entering the spartan program. We’ve had feminine Spartans before. And 343 leaving out core features that have been in the past 3 games because it’s “easy” even though they now have literally the biggest budget in gaming history is just pure laziness.


I agree totally, I loved the bodytype choices in Reach, 4, and 5, because they were visually distinct, you could always identify someone’s choice. The options we have in Infinite should be distinct, but their differences are barely noticeable, and basically not noticeable at all during regular gameplay, which makes the choice seem sort of pointless.

The armor parts should absolutely change size, there is probably some concerns about clipping and misplaced armor objects but if the other games had solutions for it, surely 343i can figure something out that doesn’t compromise the ability to represent yourself in game with a distinct bodytype.

I think its kind of unfair too, players who used the Male option in Reach can recreate their Spartan’s appearance near perfectly because the default bodytype looks like the Male one, but if you used a Female spartan in Reach, there is just no way to recreate them, you just always basically look like a Male spartan because the armor is that size still.


I can understand the decision not to introduce a female body like the one we saw in Reach from a pure gameplay aspect. In Reach the female body had a slight advantage over the male because its hitbox was lower. There was not much difference but there was that advantage.

If a thinner body is implemented in Infinite, it should be done so that its hitbox is identical to the rest of the bodies. It is not complicated to do in my opinion

I mean to be fair, Spartans are walking tanks wearing thick bulky armor. The only real feminine shapes you’ll be seeing is in fanart. I’m not saying this to discredit your opinion but have you noticed just how tall a Spartan is compared to a civilian? How thick the limbs are?

I guess a good comparison would be Power Armor from Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. A male looks the same as a female when the power armor is being worn.

Actually, the hitboxes in reached stayed the same regardless of the body type chosen. This is true of all cosmetics actually, so choosing bigger armor wasn’t a disadvantage or anything.


Well that must have been patched later because I remember perfectly how the community tested the hitbox and the female body was smaller by a subtle difference.

Isn’t the deletion of feminity and masculinity what all the regressives wanted?

Pretty sure that was just a myth. I was around when Reach was released. I remember people claiming that, but no proof ever given. Here is an old video showing off the hitboxes:



I think if they can make armor as bulky as the current event armor have the same hitbox, then surely they can make the thinnest, most feminine spartan have the same hitbox. The hitbox doesn’t need to be perfectly true to size and shape, because then it wouldn’t be a cosmetic change, it would be about finding the perfect evasive body. Besides, helmet size doesn’t really need to change at all right? So headshot accuracy would be exactly the same.

I think, additional to this, for the cutscenes in this game to make any sense, the female Spartans from Halo 5 need to have a feminine body. This means 343i already has to make a feminine Spartan body and armors for those characters because it wouldn’t make sense for them to go from big booty Spartans in 5 to manslope buttocks marines in Infinite.