Incineration Cannon Concept Art Wallpaper

I found concept art schematics while searching on google so I thought it would be fun to make a simple wallpaper for one of the dopest weapons in the game… Check it out and let me know what ya’ll think I can do to get better…!


I-Cannon WP 1920 x 1080

Backup Link

Alternate Render

Alternate Render Dropbox Link

Yeah, those would look epic. I’ll add them and post an update soon!

And I’ve never had any probs with this host. Did your program detect something from it? How do you know?

the picture won’t load on mine

Hmm, I wonder why… 40+ other people have downloaded fine… I’ll update with a backup Dropbox link too!

It looks okay, but that light is far too bright, in my opinion.
Smothers half of the pictures in flare.

the drop box one worked fine thank you. i think it just needs a bit of red

as others have already said, it looks cool but it has too much light. Good job, though! (:

Damn, that makes sense… Sometimes I can’t load the pics either but I like that has a chrome extension that tells you how many people download your files. I wonder if Dropbox has something similar… Thanks for the heads up, btw!

Also, I exported an alternate render with the feedback I got! I’ll update original post…

Man, I suck at these HTML things…
I think I did it right this time, I hope… haha…
Thanks for the heads up!

Too much lens flare.
You did that in photoshop, aye?

And yeah the alternate render is way better.


That’s kind of cool.