Incentivized to do poorly

TLDR: Please add performance-based EXP/levelling separate from the battlepass.

I have 0 reason to get kills or play objectives. Once I finish my challenges, it becomes a waiting game for the match to end. I don’t care if my team wins or loses.

I’ve been in a game where our team was behind 0-1 and over voice chat, my teammates told everyone to just “let the other team win” so they could move on and get the match complete challenge.

The current progression system is lame and it punishes you for good teamwork and performance.
Why would I try to capture the flag 3 times when it’s not a challenge? Why bother? There’s no point when I get the same rewards for screwing off all game.

I’ve quit halo infinite until this is added, and several of my friends have too. We like to see numbers go up and a sense of progression with rewards for kills/objectives. Your player numbers will continue to hemorrhage.
It’s a shame because the game itself is really good.


If all 3 of my challenges are “complete x matches” or something that doesn’t force me to get kills, I will AFK the game and literally watch a movie until the match ends.

I’ve been saying this for a while now.
There is no reason to play harder when the only way to get exp is by challenges.
That’s why playing anything other than fiesta and FFA is stupid. No one wants to actually play the game, they’re all just playing for more customization…


Reach actually had it pretty good haha. You always got some do, but more exp based on performance, plus whatever challenges you completed, and the occasional jackpot. The whole system just made sense and didn’t need to scale to try and get people to play everyday

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Currently winning doesn’t give you any extra xp at all (unless it is a challenge you have), so that in and of itself is a bad thing for competitiveness. If ‘343’ gives us ‘50’ or even ‘25’ extra xp every time a game is won, you’ll see more people trying to actually play the objective in ‘Quick Play’ or ‘BTB.’ It wouldn’t entirely solve the problem, but it would be a step in the right direction.


That would be a step in the right direction. I just hate that unless you have a flaming skull, there’s no indication of the time you put in or “a way to show off”. It sounds stupid, but that’s a big part of multiplayer games. Being max level all the way up to prestige 10 is a huge reason that people keep playing COD games and their player numbers remain high.

With the current system, it’s fun for a bit but it feels like I’m not working toward anything. Imagine WoW but with no levelling. It’s awful.

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@Losersfriend Yeah reach had a good levelling system. My favorite was Halo 3’s though. You get enlisted ranks/stripes by playing social games but in order to earn new officer insignia you had to work on your ranked. I remember feeling such an amazing feeling of accomplishment as I reached the general ranks. Even if you only played social games, you were still making progress and working toward something.

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You should be reported for unsporting behavior if this is your attitude toward the game.

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well there is your problem.
the current leveling system isnt based on YOUR KDA
its based on WINNING

your battle pass GRIND isn’t part of your RANK.

your battle bass (instrumental*) is how close you get to unlocks, NOT your TIER PLATEUA

sausage fest,
you’re just like yelling it out to women everywhere, don’t affiliate with you ~
you’re a doush.

I’m just, not a cod fan. i play to cream the enemy.

@thetimewarptrio It’s not just me. It’s incredibly common. It’s a problem with the game’s reward system. It’s why the game is losing players quickly. You want the game to succeed? 343 needs to fix this.

I’m just being honest and open about it.


@TenthCaesar7735 I’m sorry I didn’t understand any of that haha


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One week reminder. Issue still not fixed

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It looks like the priorities are elsewhere. They are busy adjusting the shop’s prices and content.

Meanwhile the game is losing players unimaginably quickly. FIX THE PROGRESSION SYSTEM!!!

Meanwhile the game is losing players unimaginably quickly.

Can you provide stats on this?

I want to say “that’s terrible”, but you’re right. The system encourages this.

I mean, people want the shop fixed too, and I imagine that’s easier than implementing a whole new system, but I wouldn’t know.

For what it’s worth 343i has said they’re working on it.

On a side note: even if you don’t need to do well, heck you don’t even need to try, what’s the point of playing a game… if you’re not gonna play the game?

While I agree there needs to be more to play for, not caring about the win/ loss is a you issue. It’s okay to enjoy the game. If you’re playing solely for the battle pass you’re then only playing to fulfill a task. That’s no different than going to work. Enjoy the game. Get in the mongoose. Have fun.

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Just going off of steamcharts, Halo Infinite Multiplayer has gone from a peak of 256k players to 28k players, a loss of around 90% in roughly 3 months.

There are players on Xbox as well, and I’m sure many have also stopped playing. I ask so many people why they quit and the answer is the same time and time again…The progression is god awful.

Well, I’ve given up hope and uninstalled the game entirely.