Inbox is flooded with spam messages.

Back when H5 first launched you were able to receive a free REQ for joining a Spartan Company and I, like many others did that just to get the REQ pack. However once I joined the company a previous Leader of it left and made me the new leader for no reason without my knowledge. So when other people requested to get in the company I received their messages asking to get in and I was unaware of this since once I got the REQ I forgot about the company and never checked it. Now I have 100+ messages that all say the same thing and can’t get rid of unless I do it manually. Which I’ve been doing slowly over time, so far I’ve deleted 500-1000 messages all asking the same thing but there’s no end to it. I don’t know how many messages I really have and can’t clear it all out at once. There’s over 100+ pages of messages and even if I delete a full colum of messages it still stays at 100 as there are even more messages then I can view.

Is there something I can do or someone I can contact like a mod or support to delete everything in my messages?
This is what I see, and that 99+ counter never goes down no matter how many I delete.

CoverMyMeds basically covered the answer in his reddit response. You’re just gonna have to delete them manually, unfortunately.

I see, that’s unfortunate. Thanks for the confirmation though.