Inb4 [Map pass] (Official problem/complaint)

-I hate 343i
-Taking game back to store
-Breaking Game
-Never buying Halo again
-It’s 5 in the -Yoinking!- morning and I cant play 3 new maps instead of sleeping/getting ready for work/school/life. Outrageous!
-I want my money back
-Fix it!
-Holy -Yoink- this company is the worse -Yoinking!- blah blah blah
-Bungie is the b3st1!!!
-Us entitled LE owners are so pissed we cant play the game before the people that pay for it for at a higher price.
-I don’t know how to wait a few hours.
-Blah blah blah

There did I get it all? No? Oh my bad, feel free to make another separate topic about it. The front page isn’t full enough. I’m sure if you do Master Chief will come out of the t.v. and give you a nice -Yoink!- while Cortana travels through to 343 headquarters and composes all the employees into her Bungie backups and your halo 4 disk turns into halo 2, CE, 3, or whatever was the best because new sucks and everything was perfect in the past. Also they hate you because you have to wait to download. Yes, they did this on purpose because they hate the people buying their game and want nothing more than to get quick money and burn halo everything in the world.

Seriously, this community really needs to step back, take their ADHD meds, and chill out. Learn to be patient, go outside, play the game, or anything. Far more productive. I have never seen such immaturity in one place. It happened with the codes, and now with this. You will get your silly maps, you got your code and you will have something in the future to rage about (Don’t worry).

Tl;dr - Halo is the worst thing in the world and I the center of the universe.

Edit: (For those confused about why they can’t download the map pack) The above post is sarcasm. The dashboard is directing us to halo 4 in-game marketplace. However there is no download yet. It will come, be patient. There is no need to post other threads. Complain in here if you would like. Maybe we can keep it to this thread.
(For the ones without packs) Go spend 800 ms points and get it. There is a new play list with about 432 people in it. Enjoy slow match up times and lag. Explore in custom games. Brag (in here) or IRL. Just please don’t make a new thread.

7-9 am Eastern it will be available.

brace yourself

Dont worry OP 343i doesnt care theyve proven that much. And inb4 self righteous “helpful” mod.

You better check yo self before you wreck yo self cuz it’s bad for your health.

I have the LE too and can’t play right now why???

It says I need the DLC but I already have downloaded the LE DLC.

Are they not releasing CMP for LE users until later? Or do we have too buy the CMP because the LE was a lie??

I am really confused. Help??

Thanks for that. Hopefully your next Thread will be one that is productive and needed. What makes this any different from all the other stupid Threads clogging the Forum?

Nothing. However I’d wager that if someone wanted to make a thread and complain but saw this instead, they might not make that thread.

But I am merely just saying what needed to be said.

If you look on xbox dashboard it says map pack is now available. Click a few times it says if you have the map pass go to in game marketplace. However it is not there. Something is glitched, just wait. It will be there, I can assure you this. Just have patience.

I swear to god that it seems like some people act like they are just going to fall over and die if they do not get all of their problems solved about this game instantly. Can someone seriously rationally think that everything is owed to them and that just because these map packs are not playable at the exact moment that they think they should should create a rage thread about it. Please, if you feel so strongly that “343” screwed halo 4 up so insurmountably then don’t play it ever again, it would make me and a lot of people way happier not to have to facepalm over ridiculous threads every day.