Inactivity team bootinG feature?

So there are a lot of features people are hating right now.

I want to know, where’s my option to boot players not playing? they join a game and rather than quit, they stay and get the rewards from my win, or worse give the other team easy kills in slayer. (I prefer objective but I do still play slayer games) even worse I’ve been booted by “inactive” players because I’ve either got bored dying while they stand there or I placed a grenade/rocket to kill the guy going to assassinate them and they went too.

I’d suggest booting inactive players, but the team might be ok with it (it might be a friend and they’re winning) why not give the team an option to boot players who are inactive, just a quick tap down on the D-pad, majority wins, team is happy?

You don’t have to agree with me, I’ve watched mic ban destroy the communication of Halo Reach games, so I know what sounds good might not be good, but thought instead of complain about comfirmed features being “COD” or ask for more “COD” like ones, I’d ask about one we aren’t talking about.

Adding poll for the hell of it.