Inactivity Booting a Possiblity?

I’m just asking, because it’s seldom I don’t go in to matchmaking and get at least two or three games a night with half of my team being AFC.

Seeing as Halo 4 is going to have the drop in and drop out system, it’s certainly possible to implement or to have been implemented.

I just got out of a game of Grifball, and my ENTIRE team was AFC. Anyone who knows anything about Grifball sees the obvious problem.

They tried stat-padding and Spawn Killing, but the second I broke free from it and began killing them they decided to hurry and score. Though, I would have much preferred to not encounter AFC players at all.

Anyone else have thoughts on inactivity booting for Halo?

I support this. Although it wouldn’t help remove intentional AFCers, as they could just move around before the AFC timer boots them.