Inability to Play Forge

Recently, when I updated Master Chief, my Forge maps were gone. I couldn’t find them, so it was fantastic when they showed up after another update, or so I thought. They downloaded, but I could not play them. As I’m a minor, an error message will now pop up saying that I cannot play user-generated content. It’s my own generated content and I can’t use it.
I get that MCC is rated M, so that could be an excuse for me not being able to use the full experience (as I should not be playing at all, according to some), but Halo 5 has the same problem. It is rated T.
There’s no point in using Forge at all anymore, because at some point (if not immediately) I won’t be able to use it.

I’d love to know why somebody thought that this was a great idea, and then forgot about it. Please redirect me to another Forum Post if there is one covering this.