In what titles Are the Legendary AI smarter then the Heroic AI?

In previous Halo titles it appears there is no change. In Halo wars 2 an in Halo Infinite I can’t tell it seems the legendary ai have a tactical upgrade aswell in this game yet it is not as pronounced as placing on the Thunder skull in Halo Infinite. The Tough luck skull appears to be toned down an meshed with the Thunder skull on Halo Infinite. I have been chased down by Elites an Brutes numerous times with the skull on. Campaign Coop ideas… In addition to coop the Repulsor could be a sub equipment option.

I believe in the original trilogy higher difficulty unlocked more combat awareness for AI, in Halo 4 & 5 I think it’s mainly just a health buff.


In Halo 4 an 5 along with the other titles if you put on the Thunder skull an Tough luck skull you will notice theyre more difficult to down in combat an actually will chase u down.

I can’t specify from game to game. But generally speaking I think the changes on higher difficulties are things like: They detect you faster, aim better, shoot faster, and are more likely to evade grenades, splatter attempts, and projectives.
But yeah the skull effects are more pronounced and focus on a specific aspect.
I want the repulsor in the campaign so much too!

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The Tough luck an Mythic skull gave a boon to our allies aswell it’s a crime that Thunder doesn’t upgrade are Marine allies I was also hoping to see a skull that I increased the chance of Banished Utilizing UNSC weapons. In Halo Infinite you run into alot of Rocket welding Brutes which is a shocking surprise. But damn where are the jackals or skirmishers with shock rifles magnums S7 snipers Battle rifles. The skimmers can surprisingly fire rockets. It was nice to seat Brutes an Elites welding heat waves an bulldog weapons with Thunder on.

i think the ai itself dont get smarter in any game above heroic , though some stats are raised higher like awarness or their firerate ( being able to shoot faster then possible for player in halo 2 for example ) , accuracy ( again looking at halo 2 plasma rifle elites and jackal snipers ) , reaction time etc. most increased difficulty on legendary comes from the players reduced health , reworked encounters with way more higher ranking and better armed enemies and those stats mainly the ones that make the impersion of higher agressivness.

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