In-universe Promethean Knights

So, while playing Halo 4 I discovered that the Promethean Knights were not really as deadly as I imagined they would be (I still died a lot, mostly because of Scattershots and Incinerator Cannons). I know this is mostly for gameplay reasons, since using the firepower and durability (MJOLNIR Mark V/VI being Class 2 in Combat Skin rate and needing a Class 12 to effectively combat Flood should give you an insight of how much more durable the Forerunner armors were) of book Forerunners would make it impossible for the game to be beat in anything short of Easy, but what I wanted to know is, would you consider Mythic (as in, all skulls on) to be the canon representation of the Promethean Knights, or at least the closest?

I would be really thankful if some 343 figure would answer this (although they probably won’t).

In one of the terminals, it is shown that a Promethean Knights easily penetrating and destroying an infected Forerunner ship alone. Their weapons could slice armor plating like butter.

Also, I think reason they look weak is more than gameplay mechanic.
In the novels, it is mentioned that their outdated armor could crack continent, yet we don’t see anything close to it in the game.
Promethean Knights are designed in an effective way of dealing with Flood without uncessary destruction. Their weapons are more for biotic disintegration rather than needless destruction.

Halo is not the only game that suffers from this.
Take Starcraft for example. You can take out a battlecruiser with a group of marines in the game. But you wouldn’t seriously think they do when the battlecruiser itself can store tons of marines.

Yeah, I was just wondering about the durability issue more so than the firepower, since 7.51 NATO Rounds seem to do pretty well against them, despite the leaps of technological advancement Forerunners have when compared to humans.

I think it’s because they’re not actual Prometheans, like the Didact.

I mean, if you had an army of the Didact and his colleagues instead of those defense AI’s, the Chief would’ve had a tougher time defeating them.