In the Lab: Replacing the AR

1.5x Scope
20-30 round clip
RoF about equal to an AR
Recoil, not Bloom
Full-auto Fire

10 rounds to kill Shields
10 rounds to kill Health (non-head)
5 rounds to kill (head)

So, you could kill up to 2 people per clip (if clip was 30) with some left over rounds to spare.

Such a weapon could be used in close quarters as well as somewhat limited mid range.


I guess that gives it more of a skill gap than it does now, without making it any easier for noobs to pull off kills.
Recoil is a very happy addition, but to what degree?

I say 7 rounds to kill health

And 4 if its all headshots.

A 20 round AR is too weak. But I like the addition of recoil.