in the game type swat

343 take the secondary weapon of a magnum off and just make it map choice where just magnums are used and the other selection of maps make dmr br because the magnums is so damn fast and shot long range and its really annoying all these kids using it and not even getting head shots and just body shot kills and coming out ontop… which makes no sense at all… if you look at the other halos in the past the magnum was a skill based weapon for the kill and this is just a noob gun for a easy kill… plz read and fix!

Well that wouldn’t be like Swat at all. I think the Magnums are a great idea. Swat requires you to have quick reflexes, making the Magnum difficult to use at times. You also have to learn statigies when you play that game mode, or else it’s not much fun to play.

The DMR has the long range accuracy, the BR has the magnetism and close range damage input, and the Magnum has the draw and bullet speed, it all balances out.

343 created the War Games Feedback forum precisely for playlist-specific feedback :slight_smile: