In search of the ideal clan/community

Hey everyone, I’m Grim and I’d like to start by saying that I have been a halo player since halo CE when I was quite young, and have played ever since, and I have had Xbox live just as long too, approx 12 years. I have been in countless clans/teams/communities during my years on Halo/Xbox and some were great and some were not so great. I have been in KSI, Helljumpers, Chaos, and UEG to name a few notable ones. I have had leadership experience in some clans too. In addition, I did competitive MLG for Halo 3 years back and considered myself a semi-pro after I competed in an FFA tournament. Btw i also play many other games like CoD, GoW, Battlefield, GTA, and more, but Halo is my primary game.

So, with all my past experience, I am currently looking for a clan/community to play Halo MCC and Halo 5 with (when it releases). I am not looking for a strict military based clan, nor a lazy inactive one. I want a clan with a good amount of members (not 5 and not 500) so I am able to get to know most members well and be friends. I am not always on due to work/family/friends/gf/school (im on quite a lot still no worries) so my times when I am not on need to be an okay thing. I want a clan that is all for layed back chill gaming like MM and customs but also competitive. Most importantly, I want a clan with respectful but fun and hilarious members. Not super strict d-bags. If this matches any clan, please msg me on xbl, Txgrim4