In search of another 'low-life' gamer for 1v1's

If you:

  1. Want to spend the majority of the day running several 1v1 custom games
  2. Are bad at sniping, BR or anything and want to practice
  3. Don’t really have anything to do but play Halo all day
  4. You want to get better at Halo but can’t because multiplayer isn’t up and your technique is at a standstill because you keep getting into matches with pros…

We can practice together.

I have a lot of free time and I spent cash on an Xbox One for this game. I can’t get into any matchmaking but either way, I want to play custom 1v1’s and practice. I haven’t played Halo in awhile so I need to brush up.
It’s okay if you kick my -Yoink-. That’s what practice is about…

GT: aixnekko

I have a headset, but rather not use it during game as I want to concentrate.

Add if this sounds appealing. Girls and guys welcome. Noobs and pros welcome.

i added you… which games were you wanting to 1v1 on?


Ill add you

add me “NinjaaaTurtleee”

I’ll play with you. I have a lot of friends that are trying to learn to play despite the mm problems

add king stronghand