In Regards to the Composer

Villains in Halo have always had tendancy of giving epic monologues, and using excellent and vague disction. I think the Didact is the best example thus far in Halo. One of my favorite lines he says is.

> You have not been Composed. Such inoculation should not have been possible

Originally, I thought that inoculation meant: An incredible feat. This made sense in context, so assumed it was so. I doubted this was the correct definition, so I searched it up the definition here.

This is what it says:

> Inoculation:
> the act or process or an instance of inoculating; especially : the introduction of a pathogen or antigen into a living organism to stimulate the production of antibodies

I was quite surprised as to have come across this. And even more surprised at what it could mean for the Composer. I see this leading to two possibilities (the first being the most likely):

Theory 1:

The Composer itself uses organic means to convert a living organism into digital data. In order for it to behave in this way, it would mean the Composer is a synthesis of organic and the digital. How this could work, is that the energy beam, or the energy wave, utilizes the energy to behave almost like a pathogen, or virus, to digitize biological information.

This could also explain why the Didact becomes immune to the Composer when trying to make himself immune to the Flood. He changed his biology in order to make it so his cells cannot be attacked by a virus, or pathogen. The side effect from this made it so his cells cannot be attacked by the “Energy Virus” If this is the truth, the implications from this make the Flood so incredibly complex, that they are beyond the understanding of Tier 1 and below species.

Theory 2:

As we know, Forerunners undergo Mutations in order to achieve a higher social status in their rate. it is possible that a Mutation is achieved through the use of a synthetic virus to transfer genetic material. The Didact could then be reffering to the fact that the Librarian figured out a way to transfer Forerunner DNA via a “Mutation Virus” without visually affecting John.

Ever since I’ve started reading Cryptum (can’t believe I haven’t started it until a week ago; GREAT book), I’ve wondered if John has undergone some sort of mutation. Perhaps a kind of mutation that is similar to the one Splendid Dust underwent where he wasn’t changed as much if they had undergone a regular mutation.

You’re saying Jon had a brevet mutation? Interesting…

Quite possible. It could explain why he hear’s teh Didact’s voice in Shutdown.

Interesting and I would quite accurate and possible, both theories would line up well with the mythology of Halo so far, perhaps it was the Librarians plan to gift all of Humanity with a advanced form of Mutation that would allow them to not become primal appearing like themselves while still gaining the gifts normally received.

The Forerunners are complex and gifted beings, but it is possible that the Composer itself, the idea behind it, the technology, is much older than they are.

I know this is a bit off topic but I don’t feel like making a thread for it:

Did anyone else notice that during Shutdown in the second tower that the Didact mentioned something about the Composer being in the shadow of the third ring? I didn’t here this the first go around, but I heard it my fourth or fifth time playing the level. Wasn’t that a clever hint towards the next level?

Stating that John was “inoculated” against the Composer was simply stating that he is now immune to it. I don’t think the Composer is any form of organic beam or energy-based virus.

John also did not undergo a Brevet Mutation. To my knowledge, it is impossible for a human to experience this. The Librarian merely advanced his natural Human biological evolution to the next level, which will take the rest of humanity several generations without outside influence. Currently, the only effect from this change is that now John is immune to the Composer, as the Librarian had intended for all humans after learning of her husband’s contempt for them.