In Praise of Lockdown

I just returned to Halo 4 after a month+ of Halo 3, and was pleased to see Dominion had returned. I played Dominion until I earned mastery, then moved on, so I missed the launch of Lockdown over the summer. But I was thrilled to discover the Lockdown variant this time around. If you’re not familiar, it’s where teams fight to control Bravo base. It’s King of the Hill meets Last Man on the Hill with a dash of Dominion, and it’s an absolute blast.

Why do I enjoy it so much? It limits the amount of power weapons to map-based ordinance (non-random) and has no personal ordinance. Sprint still exists, but because it’s an objective game type I don’t mind so much. But the action in and around the base… epic! The focus on loadout weapons and grenades makes for some of the very best close-quarters action i’ve ever played in a Halo game. This is arguably some of the most fun I’ve had playing Halo 4, ever.

I’ll be sad to see it go, though happy to see Race replace it. Anyway, just wanted to mention it to those who haven’t tried it yet. I think you’ll find some intense action in Lockdown.

I thought it was a blast at first but rhwn after a while I kept getting paired with teams that wouldnt follow me in or coordinate.

They would all haphazardly trickle into the base at get ripped apart.

I also tend to find that whichever team gets to the base first has a major advantage.

Its one of those game types that I either love or wish never existed :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a lot of fun, but I imagine you’ll have to get to a decent CSR before games become even remotely thoughtful. I haven’t played very much in the Dominion playlist, so because my CSR in it is low, I get matched with other low CSR players who are mindless and uncoordinated. Because of that, I wouldn’t describe the action as close-quarters, but rather body-flinging.

Also, lack of motion tracker makes Active Camo OP. They need to either enable motion tracker or disable custom loadouts.

I don’t Ike it that much.

Poor quality teammates certainly hurt here. But the combat is so tight that I don’t mind beating up on the winners on my way to a loss. Other than KOTH, how often does the opposing team bunch together like that? Grenadiers rejoice.

can be fun, but it should be in action sack in my opinion.
not enough need for a tactictal and strategic playstyle.
just runnin’ & gunnin’. one team which is running towards B
and one team gunning to keep it as long as possible…too boring IMO.

Edit: I thought that this topic was about the map Lockdown rather than the gametype.

My bad.

I’ve always loved Exile Lockdown. I believe it’s one of the best modes in Halo 4. It’s just so much fun. Close quarters, the chaos, the flanking, the calling out, everything about it is just super awesome. I’d have to say the only thing that bugs me in it is the grenades (let’s just ignore the Boltshot…). So many Frags, Resupply, Explosives.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Vortex Lockdown. Once you know what you’re supposed to do (controlling the Sword side of the base is key), it gets pretty good.

Longbow Lockdown just sucks though. It’s so one-sided.