In need of a solution for unreadable disc err

I bought Halo 4 and after watching the amazing epilogue and attempted to initiate gameplay I received an “unable to read disc” error. After several failed attempts to play the game, including multiplayer, I returned the game to the store and received a new copy. This game gave me the same “can not read disc” error. I cleared the cache on my xbox and removed all data concerning Halo 4 but still received the same error. I took the 2nd copy back to the stored and traded it for yet another new one and still the problem remains. All of my other games work just fine, just like they always have. I have never had this issue with any game. Is there any fix for this that I haven’t tried? This is highly disappointing as I have waited for months to be able to play this game and at this point I will be returning my 3rd copy of Halo 4, getting a refund and never buying the game again. This game has cost me $65.00 plus 3 trips to Gamestop which is 20 minutes away from where I live. The game has been out since November and through my research I have found that this is a common problem. How have the makers of Halo 4 and/or Microsoft not addressed this issue by now?

It might be your Xbox. I had an old Arcade Xbox with an even older hard-drive attached to the top. White Xbox 360 with all white buttons (like I said, old Xbox).

It started saying that to me with every single new game I purchased: Halo 4, FIFA 13, NBA 2K13. It started to happen every single time I put in a game. I had to get a new Xbox.

Hmmm… Curious. My Xbox is older than your Arcade. I have the XBox 360 Pro 20G Hard Drive and it still runs Halo 4. Mine doesn’t even have HDMI… I have to use component.

The other biggest difference between the Arcade and the Pro is the Harddrive. Mine came with 20GB and the Arcade came very little onboard storage.

To the OP, my guess would be is do you have enough free space in your storage device to run Halo 4? Multiplayer alone needs 8 Gigs. I’m nut sure about campaign. I think campaign you need about 2 Gigs of free space to play from the disk.

Are you connected to Xbox Live. If not, then you probably need a major update.

I’ve got the same problem… forum team took my console nfo and said they know about the issue…

The problem is I have tried playing reach and odst in the last few days and I get the same issue with those games…

Now this is not my xbox as COD:Black Ops II works 100% of the time without any issues…

Did some research and both reach and odst had the same problems… Neither game had a fix/patch released. This is a long term problem with halo games and very unlikely that it will be fixed.