In need of a clan

Hey there I’m intrested in joining a relatively active clan that has more, Mature players.
I’m not stingy but there’s only so much 13 year old boy squeaking and whining that I can take.

My heart and soul belong and will always belong to my home clan of W.A.S.P. but they’ve been in Cryo for about 2 years now so I’m looking to be a Spartan that is on loan or on call. I’ll be loyal to your cause and can snap necks efficiently so there’s no need to worry about that.

I’m a Mid-range fighter and hit my mark about 65% of the time. Not bad but not great I’m not going to lie.
I also can’t be online until after Christmas as my internet has been turned off at the moment /sad, but I’m itching to shoot someone and am kicking the starting gate until I can be freed.

Name is Foxy and I am PM friendly, honest I promise that I will not threaten to stab you.