In need for some Halo Players

Soo… Yeah

Alot of my friends play COD now on a regular basis, So I rarely play with a group and it sucks because I like the be chatty and screw around on mic

So if you wouldn’t mind another guy on your H4 friends list send me an add and we can own these kids together

My GT is Scarface3OOO <~~Letter O’s

Or you can leave a reply and I can add you it’s no bother


Umm I have the same problem and would u be interested in a clan if not just friend me anyways

Added a few people, But I’m still looking

Hey I see you are looking for some people to play with I am recruiting for Accelerated Gaming Community. A new semi competitive 17 and older clan. We mostly play COD and BF3 but are looking to expand our community into Halo. We have a decent amount of players who are playing halo but could always use more. We welcome all playing styles and skill levels.
You can join by visiting our website at clan website click here and apply ! If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  • skateswim3

i like to be there an play justo for fun :smiley: …i add you