In Memory of Ninja Orca

On October 21st, 2010, I sent this email to four of our forum members:

> Basically I’m gathering the four of you here because each of you stand out to me as the exact type of forum member I appreciate. Active and positive while not being afraid to speak your mind. Plus, I get the sense you care about our community just as much as I do. I’m toying with the idea of starting a lead member group, and I’d like your opinions on that. It wouldn’t be something that would add privileges but more would set you apart from other members so hopefully peers would look up to you and respond to you in a similar way as they do administrators. I was thinking about a special avatar perhaps, something similar to what our moderating team uses. I’d also like to be more available to each of you should you ever want to bounce ideas off me. I know Ninja Orca recently started official forum festivities, and I want to be able to assist and guide (if needed) in whatever you’d like to do.
> Let me know what you think about the lead member group thing, and any ideas you have for possibly expanding upon that idea. I’ll leave you with a thank you for everything you do, and of course a LOLcat picture that reminded me of the four of you!!

Those four people were SirPwn4g3, II The Bouk II, UNSC Warhead, and Ninja Orca. I was amazed at their passion, their love for the game, and their involvement on the forums. I’m sorry to relay the news that Ninja Orca was killed in an auto accident on July 6th. The impact he made on me, and these forums, will not be forgotten. Among other things, he started the Waypoint Community Carnage Night, which we will continue in his honor. As we’ve grown and nurtured this community, he’s been there every step of the way, coming up with new ideas, helping new members, and assisting in every way he could. From his service:

> Conrad was born on November 9, 1990 in Enid, and died July 6, 2011. He graduated from Ringwood High School in 2009. He was very active in the high school scholastic and drama teams. He attended one year at Hawaii Pacific University - Honolulu and last year at the University of Central Oklahoma where he was majoring in English/Creative Writing. Conrad has always been an inquisitive person, to a point where he was more interested in documentaries instead of cartoons. He was interested in everything that had to do with Nature. He had a wonderful network of friends on the internet. There was nothing that Conrad enjoyed more than being able to play Xbox 360 with his dad.

He loved Halo, and he adored the friends he made along the way. Should you leave kind words, a favorite memory, or something you’ll always remember about him, I’ll pass it along to his family. But for now, I’ll leave you with something he wrote for The Age of Gratitude:

> The first time I played Halo was a holiday at my grandparents’. It was either Easter or Christmas, because it was then that my cousins brought their video games and we would play together. Usually we played Goldeneye. But this time they brought their new Xbox and one game, Halo: Combat Evolved. We played it all day. It was instantly my new favorite.
> Every opportunity after that, I did my best to find a way to play Halo. This was tough. My family wasn’t well off at that time in terms of money, so I couldn’t get an Xbox for Christmas or anything. I would just play with friends whenever I could. Even when Halo 2 came out I did not own a Xbox. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I was able to get enough money to buy one. By that time, the 3 pack of Halo, Halo 2, and the DLC maps had been released. I bought it as soon as I could. At last, I owned the games, and I could get into the campaigns.
> I found myself taken in by the universe, which I had only heard bits and pieces of before. The idea of humanity struggling against the seemingly unstoppable force of the Covenant war machine caught my attention. I played the campaigns over and over again, becoming familiar with the setting more and more as time went on. Soon I bought a few of the books, and before I knew it I was a Halo fan.
> And, really, there are quite a few things in my life that can be traced back to my interest in the Halo franchise. The tons of fun I had playing it with others, my cousins at first, then with my friends at LAN parties. There are a lot of good memories there, well spent time with people I cared about. There’s my interest in storytelling. It was when I was getting into the universe that I told myself “I’d like to write a story like this”. And while I’m not writing a story quite like that of Halo, I can’t deny its influence upon my desire to write in the first place.
> So, all in all, Halo has been a bit influential in my life. As such, I’m pretty grateful to it for coming along, and I plan on keeping up with it as long as it’s around.
> -Ninja Orca

[<3]( Orca)

I’m not sure what else there is to be said, you’ve summed up what I’m sure most of us are feeling. He will truly be missed, let’s play a couple games of Halo for Ninja Orca.



You will be remembered by us and we will honour you by continuing the tradtion of WCCN.
Rest in peace.

A fellow Spartan falls and the world is sadly a little bit quieter. Godspeed, Conrad. We will miss you.

-Mike (aVeryEasyTarget)

PS- I remember that match you linked. Ahh, Perception.


Man, this is tough to write. I’ve played with the guy a few times, sure, but I never really got to know him that well. Now, well, I wish I had. Whenever we played together in the community carnage nights, he was such a nice guy, and so easy to get along with. But, damn, I never think about these things happening to anyone I’ve really ever met. This came as a shock to me earlier today.

All I know is, is that Spartans Never Die. He’ll be remembered. Rest in peace, buddy.

Also, with our deepest respects to him, Firelight released a machinima tonight, dedicated to him. <4

Absolutely terrible news. Thank you BS Angel for letting us know and highlighting his words.

I’m very sad I didn’t get to know him.

From the times I spoke to Ninja, I knew this guy was a great guy to be with. Someone that was calm and while I spoke with him on rare occasions, every time I did is still in my mind and I will never forget them.

Remember Ninja. R.I.P

I haven’t been around too long but he was definitely someone I noticed, may be rest in peace.

Forever with us, he will be.

I can recall the good times had by all when he put together the first few community nights, and it was definitely a blast. I just read through one of our old private message conversations, and it only instilled even more regret in the fact that I let myself disappear from the community for such a large amount of time.

Rest in Peace Ninja Orca.


PS - @EasyTarget, I’m pretty sure he might have been gunnin’ for you in that screenshot. I remember that match as well…what a crazy map, filled with awesome shenanigans!

How incredibly tragic. I never knew him personally, but I can tell by some of the posts I’ve seen here (and in other threads/communities) that he was a great friend to many and will be missed. Very sad.

Perhaps a tribute (Easter Egg) in Halo 4 would be considered like Bungie did for BB.

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

> PS - @EasyTarget, I’m pretty sure he might have been gunnin’ for you in that screenshot. I remember that match as well…what a crazy map, filled with awesome shenanigans!

Hey, that is me down there! I didn’t even see the other spartan way down there. I’m pretty sure Ninja Orca was gunning for me as well. I think he did get me a little bit after that. Thanks again for the good times and memories, Ninja Orca!

I can tell that he was well known and appreciated around here. Though regretfully, I never really noticed him. Though this is a journey we will all have to take at some point in our lives, it’s sad to see someone take it so early.

May your soul rest in peace, Ninja Orca.

Every &#937 is only a new beginning…

Spartans never die.

Didn’t you know that?

We miss you Aquatic Knight. Sadly you finished the fight before the rest of us.

RIP Ninja Orca i kow you will live on in heaven have fun i know you still will!

"We all make [the trip] sooner or later…" - Jorge

Godspeed, Spartan.

It is always sad to hear of anyone passing away. It is even sadder when it is someone so young. My thoughts go out to his parents/family/friends. My hope is that they will indeed meet again.

Waypoint heroes never die, they’re just missing in action.

I never knew ya, but thanks for your time with us.

I come back to see this?
RIP Ninja Orca. You shall be dearly missed knight of the sea.