In light of recent events...

…which involved my removal from forum-based activities for a 24 hour time span, I’m going to bring up something I brought up back even on the Gamma Forums that still seems to have not been implemented, for some reason.

When somebody is banned, they should be able to view their private messages. They’ve been banned because of their misconduct in the public forums. And, how is someone supposed to appeal a long-term ban without having access to your private messages? Considering I’m fairly certain one cannot be banned unless they do something exceptionally egregious through a PM, I don’t even see why they took the time to make it so that you couldn’t see your PMs while banned. Unless, of course, they just made their ban system a blanket ban of the site, in which case it would be laziness or lack of thinking which led to them not having the logical restrictions and allowances whilst banned from the public forums.

So, what’s you’re opinion on the matter? I’m sure I won’t like it.

I second your opinion, I’ve had a one week over something so silly I honestly think it could have been sorted out via pm with the mods.
Just a fair warning though, I think strikes on your account snowball for a certain unknown ammount of time.

well, I’ve never been banned, but it doesn’t seem to make sense to not be able to view your PMs while banned.

This has been discussed before. Most recently, here.

I’ll reiterate though.It cannot be changed at this time.Using the forums is a privilege and not a right.If you were banned, there is a good reason behind it, which I explained to you via pm.No decision is taken lightly.