In Halo Infinite's 19 Week Lifespan So Far

…There have been TEN emblems for weekly challenges. Over 50% of this game is just unlocking .jpegs that no one will notice. 6 of these 10 weeks were just repeat items from a set (both sets are incomplete) so in reality it should have been 8 of the 10 weeks.


Yeah, The motivation to play and perform in this game is utterly absent and pathetic…
Ok fans, do your best to unlock this weeks, “image” (heaviest eye roll imaginable)




So far I’ve gone for every weekly challenge. Why? Something to do I guess?

The weekly challenges really burn me out of Halo Infinite. I’m not playing because I really want to have a few games anymore (343i’s forced skill based matchmaking did that by preventing me from playing with friends), I’m playing just to get an exclusive reward that means absolutely nothing in the long term.

If it was like 10 challenges and then the ultimate, I’d say that was fair enough. But 20 plus the ultimate challenge? It takes waaaay too long to complete. Like, people have jobs 343i.

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Removing the traditional levelling system, and not replacing it is easily the biggest mistake of this game. Sure you’ve got the battle pass, but it has no real permanence (once you’ve gotten through the pass you’re done) and somehow manages to find itself in a place where it’s too fast to get through but feels like a grind the entire time. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that you get various shades of blue throughout.

And it’s a shame, cause Infinite multiplayer is really really fun, even with the lack of game modes. It’s clear that a lot of passion and excitement went into making it. I hope they manage to pick up steam over this year and get an idea as to how they want the live-service to work because right now it’s extremely disappointing.

It feels like a grind because most of the rewards are lame (swaps) and it takes far too long to get your first decent item. It took me like 4 weeks to get my helmet. I never purchased the premium BP, and even if I did, it would have taken me 2-3 weeks to get Aviator at lvl 30.

Also this is why we need Commendations back. They served as long term goals that player could work on for their entire time with the game. In fact one of my fondest memories of H5 was grinding the plasma rifle commendation.


What they should have done is add a Spartan Rank system, then have unlocks every 5 levels or something.

Then people willbe encouraged to play weekly, or even daily to unlock ranks and rewards.

Durrrr here’s some fomo stuff instead