In Halo 6 should the Prometheans be blue?

I am not quite a fan of the painfully bright blue they have in Warzone atm but maybe something closer to Halo 4. It would kind of make sense if they’re being controlled by Cortana. I think some way of visually distinguishing between if a group of Prometheans is being led by the Warden or another Created, or I dunno the Necron Didact comes back or something crazy like that. Plus I think it looks better to be honest.

I am a bit surprised they haven’t done variants of the Promethean weapons where the energy beam is blue instead of orange. It can’t be that difficult to do surely? I mean I always thought it was slightly lazy in Halo 4 how the blue prometheans were shooting orange out of their blue guns and dissolved in an orange burst of energy when you killed them. So it would be nice for them to be consistent.

it would be nice for their beam things to be blue but not completely blue

I full-heartedly agree. I’ve always thought blue prometheans look much better than orange ones and I really they will use it in halo 6. To be honest I would prefer there were only few or none prometheans halo 6 but I don’t think it’s realistic to hope for.

I like blue!

Yes! I always thought the red and orange looked weird on Halo 4 & 5. To me Forerunner aesthetic has blue lighting. But then I wondered after Halo 4. Halos and the Arks were Lifeworker stations and preserves. The Librarian controls the Promethean knights with blue coloured light. So perhaps different colours represent different rates? Blue is for Lifeworkers, Red/Orange is for Promethean and Warrior Servants. Maybe Green is for Builders or Miners…I dunno. But to me Blue had always equaled Forerunner and it was part of what made the Promethean constructs seem different and non Forerunner when they were in their red coloration. So being Cortana blue would be cool.