in halo 4 thay should. tell 343 to listen to the halo community

Make it in infection you play as a flood/flood infected spartain instead of just a ugly colored spartain

No armor lock because even though they nerfed it is still stupid and plus most people made it

A playlist where there are certain ranks like Medic, bomb expert, team general to give us a cool playlist where you choose your class and there are one our two people can choose that class because when to many people pick the same class it can be a overkill but have a cool objetive like invasion

in the playlist idea above have killsteaks like place a grunt sqaud or elite squad to help fortify big areas but make them not to hard to kill they can kill you but they are mainly used for distrations( probably the worst Idea but its a cool thought)

make it hard to rank up like in halo reach but use a diiferent exp system

Forge should play a big role again but be able to place more objects with a bigger budget or unlimited everything but you need the memory to store the map

Make a race playlist

thank you for your time tell 343 to suggest ideas from me and the community because making a good game is based on the communities liking

First sentence: I doubt that will happen. I’m sure they’ll just stick with the existing Spartan models for the Infected.

Second sentence: Already confirmed excluded from Halo 4.

Third sentence: Not exactly sure what you mean. There will be load-outs in Halo 4 that will be similar to what you have stated. I think you are thinking of a BF kind of class.

Fourth sentence: I don’t see that happening, sorry.

Fifth sentence: Unconfirmed exactly how/what the ranking will be in Halo 4.

Sixth sentence: Forge will return. No other news has been reported on it.

Seventh sentence: There will most likely be a gametype, but not a playlist specifically for racing.

And please, for the sake of us who have to read your post, will you properly construct your post? Thanks.