In Game Testing of New Mechanics and Materials, proposal

This is a proposal for a new type of gameplay experience that 343i could use as a testing ground for new concepts for the main game while still adding content to it, let me explain.
These additions onto the main game could be testing out new weapons and such, with the gamemodes for Multiplayer and new Firefight experiences. With the example of new weapons being added, 343i could make a use Firefight and MP (as optional experiances for players and these new pieces of content wouldn’t be immediately available for Forge so 343i can restrict their usage so they don’t spread outside of the places where 343i want them to be tested). Eg: on the new map “Streets” revealed by IGN, they could make a version of that map that replaces the SPNKr with a new variation of the Brute Shot (this is if they ever try to reintroduce that weapon) and they could also put it into some Firefight maps for people to use against AI. 343i could then monitor the community and our reaction to the weapon and then they could allow us to vote on the new addition and if people want it to be introduced into the game and in what capacity.

In addition to this proposal, I will also propose a new version of the Brute Shot that could be used in that circumstance. I’ll try making it unique from the Hydra and Ravager enough so it could actually be added.

  • Back to 4 ammo per grenade chain, like in Halo 2.
  • The Brute Shot ammo is no longer damaged focused and in sted is based on manipulating the physics engine to fling AI, players and all objects of normal physics around
  • The Brute Shot could have an alternate reloading mode where players can load in actual grenades (like: frags, plasmas, spikers, dynamos) and fire those off. When firing off actual grenades in that way, they arch less and, therefore, go further
  • The player when using the Brute Shot, in similar fashion to the H.Reach Grenade Launcher, could hold down the trigger and the grenade could be set to not explode until they released the trigger (yet there would be no additional EMP effect like there was with the H.Reach Grenade Launcher)
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