(In game rank) question asked in new bulletin

Someone asked about the chance for in game ranking system and he wonderfully I might add dodged however his response(and link made me laugh) but in seriousness I think an in game rank system keeps me playing a game. I play and beat a lot of games and then trade them in. Save for one game. Halo 3. I still play it to this day and it’s what 7 years old? Maybe6? Can’t recall. The point is I’ve played that game literally 100x longer and the only real difference between that game and other popular fps shooters like COD (that I usually get tired of after a few months) is an in game ranking system. Maybe thats just me and my friends but since everyone I know and play with feel the same I guess it’s just my general assumption others might too

One thing I forgot to add is I’m not opposed to making it only semi visible where maybe it doesn’t show next to your gamer tag and immediately scare off players who lack 50’s for whatever reason. Maybe it could be like you highlight a player and open up his service record to see the rank that way people who are just there to compete to their best ability don’t get stage fright at the sight of a 50

I think there will be because followed by the next question talking bout Halo 4 success and failures saying we will see the changes in the next installment.

What would be fun is like diablo style 1-50 rank where Once u reach 50 you have like paragon(Diablo name for it ) levels that just keep going just to see how high you can get personally but the paragon levels only you can see and you are still matched up via your 50 or 49 if you lost it. That way people stay on the same account and have real personal incentive to keep playing your 50 instead of having separate accounts with multiple 50’s

I’m feeling fully confident there will be.