In game purchase in Halo. Opinion?

I have played many of the halo’s online. I am somewhat unhappy with the fact that you can buy req packs and obtain the rare armor without putting the time in. It takes away from the satisfaction of obtaining different pieces. Just wondering if I was the only one.

Well how can it affect the satisfaction if someone else buys this? Or are you saying that because its there you have purchased it?

either way don’t buy them. I don’t and will not i just take my time playing

I just mean I remember playing a game such as reach. When people had certain armor pieces or effects it at least meant they had played a fair bit or got some form of achievement. Now they could have just bought 100 bucks worth of req packs.

With the way the requisition system is set up paying isn’t very viable either.

Some guy gets Halo 5 then immediately buys the $100 gold pack bundle while he’s still brand new to the game. He’s gonna get maybe three legendary armors, then a ton of common and uncommon items. The only time it’s ever worth buying gold packs, either through in-game credits or real money, is if you’ve already unlocked all your silver pack stuff.

So really, the entire system just -Yoinks!- everyone over.

Not going to lie, kinda miss the Bungie days. I mean 343 is making some fun game play for sure. The way Bungie would set up the profiles in there games was a lot more satisfying. The legacy icons and such.

I think it’s greedy of 343 to do this because it just takes advantage of dumb people. Then again, some companies have been doing that for years (looking at you, EA) but that isn’t what this is about. America is huge on capitalism and instant gratification, so there’s no way they remove the extra stream of revenue they just added, especially after seeing how certain people are desperate enough to spend thousands to avoid playing a game from the beginning.

This is somewhat unrelated, but it bothers me that the first pack you see when going to redeem RP can only be purchased with actual money, and I don’t believe it can be hidden.

I agree it is greedy, and I really do not want to compare 343 to EA because that will be the end of my Halo career. I refuse to play any EA games now just because of their greed, and I really wanted battlefront. I do not know why they would not just make money on DLC and not have this option at all. Again though it is done now.

I Think it would be far more fun if the REQs were earned by achievements instead of luck. I don’t care if people can buy them; they are just visual, and don’t affect any of the important game modes (not warzone and reqs). However, good luck asking for this, as a 343 is a company, and companies wouldn’t settle for letting you buy what you wanted if they could make you buy your way through a bunch of crap first. Im not arguing with paid stuff that doesn’t affect competitive modes if we get monthly DLC and updates.