In-game Purchase Clarity

Hey there,

I’d like to post my thoughts regarding my initial in-game purchase experience. I don’t see a support email or otherwise so I will post things here. Overall, the customization aspect took a bit to get a feel for and understand everything. The different armor rarity sets etc. etc.

I then found my way to the in-game shop, and after playing a bit decided to purchase one of the bundles. This bundle displayed armor customization along with a weapon skin/color. Now the core issue in my experience relates to this part.

When attempting to make the purchase, I am notified I need ‘credits’ to do so. So I then follow the process prompted on the screen and continue with a $10 + tax purchase through Steam to buy the in-game credits. Following adding credits to the account, I am then able to make the purchase (still on the same screen). After purchase I am a bit confused on where the items are even located (armor specifically). I looked through the customize menus (multiple rarity tier sets) and still didn’t see anything. I then go back to the shop screen and am able to directly equip the items when viewing the bundle screen again.

After having applied the armor bundle, I then re-check the customize menus once more. It was then, and only then, brought to my attention that this item I had purchased was apparently an armor set, and only an armor set. I couldn’t use what I wanted from the bundle along with other cosmetic items even though the bundle contains armor pieces that are available individually. Not only that, but I then quickly realized that those ‘still locked’ armor pieces were time gated via the Battle Pass and weren’t even exclusive to my purchase… And ofc the little things like changing the emblem displayed on the armor without having to rep some random eSports team insignia. :confused:

With my purchase obviously being something I was not expecting, I decided to see about a refund. Since the purchase involved the transfer of credits first then an in-game item, the whole process was done in an instant. And having transferred to an in-game “item”, Steam will not issue a refund. Coming here and to Halo Infinite Support pages, I learn the same is stated here:

* Halo credits cannot be refunded once redeemed for any in-game item or battle pass
* Steam purchases, go to [Steam Support](

Overall, quite a distasteful experience and am now out $10. Perhaps I did not see some small text indicating things further. However, my point with this post is to highlight my experience as a general clarity issue regarding these matters and the lack of refund support in general.

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Yeah these F2P AAA titles are scams, I’m already annoyed to the point that I’ve uninstalled and I am waiting to see if the campaign is trash or not.

This is my post.

I have no idea why or what was going on with accounts - or why I logged in and I was some random name each time I refreshed or had tons of shared posts (the account profile bio explained some issue?!?). Overall wtf, even more confusing experience. I hope whatever THAT was is resolved… I assume I no longer have perms for this post?

Your not alone. Tons including myself were tricked by the hcs contender coating into believing that we would be able to use these bundles however we please, but 343 doesnt believe we should be able to use the things weve bought however we want, they need to be used how THEY want. Because of course if you could alter these bundles then it would make getting mk7 in the battlepass feel like a joke, which it is.
The armour at least has a reason as to why its locked the way it is, but why we cannot use the coating however we want is beyond me

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These forums have so many bugs, can’t even post a post about the OP being me but has an issue with logins in the forums sharing some shared account. (which is probably why it posted early)

Then issue after issue can’t post images on new account, blocked post by system explaining, etc… lot’s of bugs here.

Completely agree. This whole system is confusing and predatory. I too purchased an HCS armour bundle for the coating, only to find it’s all locked to the armour “kit” which, as you said, has a tab of “included items” when you inspect it.

I don’t see a reason why at least just the coating can’t be detached from the kit and used with the rest of your customization. I can see it right there, as an “included item”. So close and yet so far away.

So yeah, I also feel a bit ripped off, and there’s is absolutely zero way to reach out to anyone concerning a refund on this specific item. I’m happy with my other purchases, but not this.