In game Halo Infinite controller re-mapping

Did anyone re-map their controller with in game offering? I use fishstick in Halo 5 so in Halo Infinite used default controller setting. Remapped grenade throw from lb to rb, grapple from rb to lb. Also interested to hear who were using paddles and with what mapping please?

Actually the only change I made was swap the switch grenade and drop weapon features. So used to swapping to an alternate grenade by pressing right on the DPAD and just kept dropping my weapon lol.

I went with L.trigger = jump and R.trigger = fire.

Then L.bumper = grenade and R.bumper = melee.

So pretty much don’t have to take my thumbs off the sticks.

On my paddles (Elite 2) I had sprint, crouch, and zoom. Again so I maximise thumbs on sticks. The fourth paddle is ‘switch’ so I can use all the buttons twice.

A is swap weapon and B is swap grenade.

X is use equipment.

I can’t remember what I mapped to the d-pad (default or switched). I think I had save video, start and stop recording, and screen shot mapped to switch + d-pad directions.

I used Recon but swapped the equipment button (default X) with the sprint button (default LB).