In-game Fileshare not working

Yes hello, this isnt my main account,my main accounts gamertag is Reclaimed Halo, on my main account Im having the problem of not being able to upload anything to my Halo 4 fileshare, each time I try to it says “transfer failed”," halo 4 servers arent available",then another screen pops up saying “content has been modified”, It started doing this to me about 2,3 days ago, its really annoying, My Nat type is open, Ive tried clearing my system cache, and nothing, is there any suggestions you all may have to help me fix this, or just a fix, I would really be greatfull for some help.

Hi, HaloFileBrowser. That account has been banned from uploading user-generated content for several offenses that do not abide by Xbox LIVE’s ToU. You can see those rules here: