In game chatter???

Ok so I’ve been having issues with some teammates having too much random conversations during WAR ZONE matches and it’s been driving me nuts lol. … I’m not a mean guy so i try be cool about it. And say hey try talking before or after the game but during the match should mostly be about the match. I’m i just being a -Yoink-? Lol

well, you said it first… if its that much of a problem you can mute them, but i try to avoid that on the off-chance that they actually say something useful.

Exactly why i struggle with this at times! :confused:

It is a social playlist so you have to kind of expect some people to be playing very relaxed in it and not communicating. I suggest finding a group to play with when you want to be serious about it. Your chances of the random convos will be lower and you would be a part of those random convos if they did pop up during gameplay.