In for the long haul... 17 years!

Found this site today,

Thought it would be fun to see how they messed round with my stats.

I really suck at this game!

108,895 credits until Colonel Grade 2 (34.9 days / 78.2 games)

16.7 years / 13,668 games to reach Inheritor

Almost 17 years till I reach Inheritor!

Will we even have TV’s in 17 years time?..

Lol it tells me its going to take 12.5 years to get to Inheritor. Something tells me I wont be playing Reach in 12.5 years time.

LOL true but your still better than I am… getting to old for FPS better go something turn based :wink:

i’ve only got 5 years YEAH! except ill be playing halo 4 or maybe even 5

2.2 years till i reach inheritor apparently… not too shabby, not too shabby :smiley:

Come on you all know the cut off date for “reaching” inheritor is Halo 4 release date.

Once that day arrives your Reach rank will cease to level.

I got 9.7 years.

Although, the simple math used doesn’t account for the increase in cR at the higher ranks, or the higher cR pay-out in Firefight. And it would most likely change drastically at any large pay-out of cR (ie: Jackpots, Onyx commendations).

Total cR / games played = cR per game.

(20,000,000 cR - Total cR) / cR per game = Total games req’d to reach Inheritor.

Total Games / Days played = Games per day.

Total games req’d / Games per day = Days req’d to reacch Inheritor.

Days req’d / 365 = Years to reach Inheritor.

Not saying this isn’t cool, but I’d be much more impressed if it had a complex system that a 12 year old couldn’t figure out.

Or they could have at least used play time instead of days. I mean, if you first played it on release day, you have 309 days played. And if you aren’t a high level, it’s upward of 7 years.

I’ll calculate mine on play time instead. Gimme a minute.

1,610,446 / 1217 = 1323.29 cR per game.

(20,000,000 cR - 1,610,446) / 1323.29 = 13,897 games req’d to reach Inheritor.

1217 / 194.5 (Hours of play time) = 6.25 G/h.

13,897 games req’d / 6.25 G/h = 2223.5 Hours req’d to reach Inheritor.

2223.5 Hours req’d / 24 = 92.65 Days to reach Inheritor.

Cool. 92 and half days of play time to Reach Inheritor.