In defense of, and offering a modification to, Challenge Based XP

So I’m not going to harp too hard on 343 for the current iteration of the XP system they have in place, being 2 days into a public launch and all. Being it’s probably the biggest controversy (and to be honest kinda blown far out of proportion in some cases), THEY’VE HEARD IT! It’s the common thread and vocalization that’s being passed around, everyone has commented on it.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a fan of it either (15 hours ÷ 5 levels = 3 hours per level, my precious ODST helmet at level 65 x 3 hours per level = 195 hours, :|) but I truly think the random challenges and requirements can work the way 343 intended them to work, they simply weren’t implemented optimally. Let me explain.

LateNightGaming’s video on this actually gave me some of the perspective that led me to this idea of sorts and actually said it best in my opinion, “Don’t worry about capturing objectives, don’t worry about getting mulitikills, don’t worry about any of that”, that kinda detracts from the core premise of the game don’t you think? Talking about how 1 or 2 challenges might shoehorn you into gametypes that might not click with you, randomly find yourself incorrectly in Stockpile when aiming specifically for Total Control, or even worse be a detriment to you team, why not form the challenges around the gametypes/modes you gravitate towards or find yourself in?

Ergo, have a daily/weekly challenge roster per gametype per gamemode. Being able to see, access, and assess what challenges are available to you when you jump into Quickplay/BTB/Ranked and then further broken down into Slayer/TC/CTF/etc or whatever challenges can be completed based on these criteria.

I know there’s tons of weekly challenges (at least I assume so) based on the fact there really doesn’t seem to be a comprehendible end to them. So why not just let us seem them all at once to optimize our path for completion? Unlockable/monetized swaps could still be utilized to change around challenges we dislike, it simply widens the pipeline so it doesn’t seem as restrictive.

It could also go a step further to alleviating another issue with the game, that being the UI. Currently in a match the Start/ESC screen is pretty lackluster: 3 options (resume, settings, leave) and a whole metric ton of greyed out blank space. Why not fill this space with the challenges available in the gamemode you find yourself in? Organized by game type, mode, and weapon sets that can be found within the match? There were games I was trying to complete a Bulldog challenge only to find out only the Heatwave was available on the map at the time, it would’ve saved me so much time knowing that before wasting time looking for one when I could’ve been participating. And hey, while we’re on the topic of UI integrations, put a friends list on the Start/ESC screen too plz/ty.

All in all, I think the challenge system is fine in theory, it’s just not fleshed out in a way that could be beneficial or helpful for players to latch onto in practice. And while even a spoonfull of sweet match based XP would incredibly welcome, I do think there’s still hope for the current challenge based XP system to blossom into something both immersive and useable without it being a burden.

If anyone has anything they would change or add to this, please feel free to share. I truly think this system can be salvaged and corrected rather than outright replaced.

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The Challenge-Based XP system can work, but not as it is. I agree.

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