In Case of Emergency RECRUITING

In Case of Emergency

Here to provide a fun, orderly gaming environment. To give members a chance to grow with the unit. To provide trainings, events, and company battles.

Core Values:
Integrity, Commitment, Endurance, and Unselfishness.

All members must check the forums!

Col. BankandBacon (Assigned: 1st PLT)

Battle Bookings:
If you are from another Spartan Company and you are looking to schedule a company battle, then messageBankandBacon or other staff members.

Affiliated games:
ICE is affiliated with Destiny and Battlefield 4 as well as Halo 5. ICE was established during late August 2015 on Destiny. Members do not have to be a part of clan on affiliated games.

We are recruiting! Please check us out. If interested apply to the company