In another shockingly hostile move, 343 now bans users that quit 1v3 games

Multiplayer being trash.
18 meter radar is still somehow 10 feet.
Replaced half the weapons and nerfed all but the Hammer into the ground compared to H5 and before. Case in point the Beam Rifle-Stalker Rifle.
Locked over 2/3 of the cosmetics behind a $10-20 paywall.
Out right murdered customization.
Significantly reduced or removed aim assist/ bullet magnetism.
The challenge system is terrible.
Stupidly slow level progression.

I could go on.


This is actually something I’d like to see implemented. A Surrender/Forfeit option. Obviously one that has to be voted for by the team so that one person just doesn’t do it purposely to piss one off.

This would make it that in obviously unwinnable situations that would allow the match to end immediately if passed so that they could move onto something without being penalized for it.

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Thing is, if you’re in a 1v3 or 1v4, there’s already basically no chance of winning unless you’re in the top 0.5%. Leaving will still count as a loss, but if you’re going to lose anyway, why stay? You can spend the next several minutes basically being farmed by a coordinated team with (I’m assuming because of Ranked) map and weapon control, or you can save yourself and the other team some time by leaving so all of you can play what you wanted from the start. A 4v4 game that isn’t basically a guaranteed loss.

Or think of it this way. What if this happened in a real life sport and you paid for a seat at the stadium not knowing what to expect. You’d be watching one guy play against an entire team. Would you find that enjoyable even if the team you were rooting for was the full team and won? That’s not a game, it’s a one sided massacre. Now imagine the solo player, what does he have to gain that’s worth the pain, frustration, and humiliation of playing start to finish with no team?

Most, if not everyone in the audience would want a refund, and most, if not everyone in the player’s position would just not play or not try to win. Leaving your team is why devs like to punish quitters, but what about if there is no team to leave? You’re hurting yourself, or at least your stats if you care about that, more by staying than leaving.

I personally am glad they move to ban ppl who dc at the start of games. I’m tired of ppl with crap internet joining ranked games and causing a loss. I however don’t think we should be punished for leaving after or give us a surrender button. But hopefully the ban incentive will stop ppl with bad internet from joining ranked.