In another shockingly hostile move, 343 now bans users that quit 1v3 games

Good. Anybody that leaves needs to be banned. Play the game as intended 1v3 you’re more than likely going to lose, just accept it, losr the game and move on. They should have something in place where you don’t lose any points if ranked, but people need to learn they can’t just leave when something doesn’t go their own way.

Exactly, more than likely even he rage quits left right and centre.

Leaving from an unbalanced match (not skill level, but by number of players) in any major game doesn’t penalize the person who leave, nor should it. No one wants to waste 8 minute of their life because 343 didn’t feel like implementing a match restart when the 4v4 you queue up for isn’t a 4v4. It’s not fun for me, nor is it fun for the other 3 players on the opposing team who also queued up for a 4v4 game.

Again, any competent competitive game does this: CS:GO, R6, LoL, Overwatch, etc. I feel sorry for you if you don’t value your free time. Most of us have jobs or, even if not, choose to value their spare time and try to have fun with it. Playing a 1v3 game is not fun.

Selective reading, nice. This is the first game I quit, as I’ve stated above. I can see you haven’t made it to Onyx yet, so that’s most likely why you’re salty about people quitting and blame them for not being Onyx. Remember that quitting a 1v3 game, which the team member that it impact is literally only you, is not the same as quitting a 4v4 game, where you impact 3 other team members.

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I’m not salty :joy: Yes I’m diamond 2, but I’m working my way up there! I haven’t had much time to play until this last day or two! I just think people need to realise that this kind of thing happens and we’ve got to accept it - quitters are always going to be in every game. Yes it completely sucks that 3 players bailed on you and in my opinion they need completely banning outright, it completely wrecks the game for others. I think it’s just different mentalities, in the games I play I just see it being over in a couple of minutes and still try to put up as much of a fight as possible. I just don’t believe that they would bring in a system where if you quit once then you get banned for it, it just doesn’t make any sense to do that - especially when there are every day issues such as Internet going down, game crashing etc. That being said with some of the decisions 343 have made so far with this game, maybe I am completely wrong and if that is the case in this instance then I apologise.

Also just to add there should be an automatic system where you can quit or restart if you are at a disadvantage from quitters which doesn’t penalise you, but if there isn’t then we’ve just got to deal with it.

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Infinite multiplayer beta is only a week old. This early on, depending on the time of play, there should be full lobbies. An even match is one thing but 1v3 in ranked would just be brutal, especially if Lenchy is playing in diamond or onyx. Even Gold is sweaty.

It might still count against you but finishing a match where you are playing by yourself against 3 players is not an accurate reflection of one skill and is just a waste of time. I would have quit too

to be fair, the ban was only like 5 minutes. But if it happens again, I’m guessing it will be longer. I wish a) there was a rejoin function (its 2021…) and b) there was a ban timer (again… 2021)

Halo has never done that since 360 days. It gets abused to the good got to suffer with the bad. It’s not a BR. I bet you’re the type of player to quit objective games just because you didn’t get slayer.

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You can literally go on the MCC right now and leave a 2v4 game without penalty. The requirement is that half your team already left. I’m not sure how you can disagree verifiable facts, but I will give you credit that it is a brave hill to die on.

And, again, as I’ve mentioned above, I’ve only quit one game so far. Those are very bold assumptions for someone who is unable to rea. Better luck next time.

It’s simple. Just don’t quit.

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MCC allows you to quit without penalty when 50% of your team has left.

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Quitters suck anyways!

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Hu…I quite like 1 out of every 4 games and have never got a ban. Are you quitting in ranked or something? Maybe its because I do it right at the start because its a gamemode I don’t like?

About 15% of my games that I go in, either I am on a team that starts with less than full or the other. It seems matchmaking is a whole new thing for these people. If I were to make dumb mistakes like this bull in my job I would be fired or worse have people killed

And why is there no rejoin in ranked? Cmon


During the Halo 5 days they had this figured out. Only the first half of the team gets penalized and nobody else. That system worked beautifully; it didn’t need to change.

Why are we surprised? If 343i didn’t have the funding of Microsoft and a successful franchise to hijack, they’d have failed as a business years ago. Other independently successful titles also manage to understand to not demote players that have had teammates quit before the game had even started. But as we have seen for almost a decade. Blatantly obvious ideas and concepts need to be patronisingly given to them to maybe implement if they can be bothered to.

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How does this game populate me into a lobby with three other 343I bots?

Just let the lobby die instead of wasting my time.

It’s not so much as quitters, but crashers that cause the rest of their team to quit.

I message players after ranked games and straight up ask them if they quit or their game/system crashed. It’s usually the first “quitter” is actually a crash and the second “quitter” is in fact a quitter. Leaving just me or me and one other teammate to fend off 4 PC players. It’s painful to say the least. The game isn’t stable and players are getting impatient with how unfair the gameplay can be due to forced crossplay, wonky controls you have to adjust yourself, and terrible aim assist and bullet magnetism. As well as a BP packed full of no rewards worth playing the game for it’s hard to want to play.

So this may not solve the issue, but based on the initial issue here and my own person experiences I created a thread for a poll addressing this issue. Now it’s a simplistic poll with a possible solution to have 343 take into consideration…

Copy the link below but ad the “h” at the beginning of the link address:


Take a look at it. Read over what I said, vote, and comment. Maybe 343 can see the votes and take that into consideration rather then reading through so many comments. Idk, just an idea

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Multiplayer being trash.
18 meter radar is still somehow 10 feet.
Replaced half the weapons and nerfed all but the Hammer into the ground compared to H5 and before. Case in point the Beam Rifle-Stalker Rifle.
Locked over 2/3 of the cosmetics behind a $10-20 paywall.
Out right murdered customization.
Significantly reduced or removed aim assist/ bullet magnetism.
The challenge system is terrible.
Stupidly slow level progression.

I could go on.