In another shockingly hostile move, 343 now bans users that quit 1v3 games

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I just got banned from matchmaking after quitting a 1v3 game. Looks like they removed the feature in MCC (and in every other Halo game) where you can leave when half your team left. Because, at this point, why wouldn’t they remove every single user friendly feature that the games had.

No timer too, another downgrade from the MCC, a game that came out in 2014. It’s like they decided to remove everything that made sense, and put in a cash shop. It physically hurts to see bad decisions like these being taken by 343 again and again.

EDIT: And of course the ban is longer than 20 minutes, because why would 343 ever implement anything consumer friendly. What a joke of a company.


For a game that came out in 2021, it’s missing a lot of features that other games have had for many years.

Why is there no surrender/forfeit option?

Like, hello? 343? 2012 called, it wants their game back.


No surprise that the latest half baked halo game is a joke compared to what bungie put out.


A lot of stuff feels incredibly rushed. I wonder what product we would’ve gotten if they didn’t delay the release…


@B84_W56_H88 Lmaooooo I shudder at that thought!

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We would have gotten a fully decked out shop and battle pass system that flawlessly processed payments and transactions. Every other feature including multi-player would be greyed out with a coming soon tool tip box.


What would you get? Not much difference. Because you see, people need to report problems for them to be fixed. If you push back the release date, guess what happens? No one gets to play it so nothing gets reported.

Also, OP, while it may suck that you got banned for leaving a game, you really shouldn’t be quitting matches anyway. How many games have you quit recently? @Lenchy


The dude absolutely should be allowed to quit when he’s the only one left on the team, are you insane


This is the first ranked match I quit, because I didn’t see the point in playing a 1v3 game after I decided to queue up for a 4v4 game. Any other competent developer allows leaving without penalty for uneven games, so I guess my mistake was to think 343 was competent.


Why the -Yoink!- you sound like a clickbait news article?

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Why would you even bother leaving a ranked match anyway? If you leave it still counts it against you, so you might as well stick it out and just take the loss.


Ok but why would you want to quit when it’s going to count against you anyway? If you’re willing to take the punishment of leaving because of disadvantage, then you might as well just do your best and take the loss. I don’t feel like I’m the insane one here. The insane ones are those who think they should just be able to up and leave a game without consequences because of disadvantage. But that’s just me.


“If you leave it still counts against you.”

I can do that too: “If you get clobbered solo by three people it still counts against you.”

Why not skip 5 minutes of humiliation and get working on the next match?


Sounds to me like you don’t value your time, nor do you value the quality of that time. It doesn’t make sense to force someone, basically punish them, into playing out a game where they are the only person left on their team. You let them leave the game and give the other team the win they would have gotten anyway. Not to mention it’s ALSO punishing the other team who has to sit there and farm 1 enemy for 10 minutes instead of just getting on with the next game.

EDIT: And I never said, nor will I ever say that they shouldn’t have that match count as a loss. But they damn sure shouldn’t be suspended, banned, timed out, etc.


I value my time and don’t want to waste 8 minutes playing a 1v3 game, because it’s not fun. It’s like the switch upstairs is set to ‘off’ for you.


I mean, I’m not in a rush to finish a game. What’s the point in that? As long as I’m running at the enemy and not hiding, they’ll finish a game in about 10 to 20 minutes. If I turn out to be able to beat them with disadvantage, it’ll be even sooner than that.

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Oh so you are insane, and you confirmed my theory that you don’t value your time. You’d rather stay in a horribly 1-sided game with just you vs 3 or 4 other players rather than concede and move on to a REAL game of 4v4 which is what you signed up to play when selecting 4v4? Got it. Your mental gymnastics are astounding.


I mean, there’s always going to be games with advantage and without. Am I to assume that when you get bad team mates you just abandon ship because it’s just a ‘waste of your time’? Why do you play video games then?

You should have the option. You should not be punished for it. Where is AgentFantasyland and how did you escape?

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Here we go with the straw man…