In a parallel universe this is how I would've expected the game to launch

Halo infinite would’ve been a series x only title. No last gen consoles. No PC.

Campagin and multiplayer would ship together for $60

The campaign would be linear

The campaign would tie up the story of Halo 5 while also introducing a new story without breaking the pace of the story and not leaving it to the books or comic books to tell the story.

Blue team would come back and be the main focus the entire campaign.

Blue team would also be the perfect excuse for immersive co op with each of the four players being each Spartan just like it was in halo 5 but in a better campaign.

There would be traditional btb with dedicated maps for them.

There would be forge on launch.

Infection and grifball on launch.

Customer games browser on launch.

There would have been donation buttons instead of store items. Overall there wouldn’t be a store or microtransaction just various ways you can press donate to fund specific things you feel are important like eSports or servers.

HCS settings from Halo 5 becomes ranked arena. Ranked arena also has dedicated maps for them. Ranked and the competitive scene will be far different from the rest of the game. I always believed that competitive and social should have their spaces and it shouldn’t just be starting the players with the br. There should be built from the ground up maps for competitive only. Never to be played with social playlists. Everything from the movement to the placement of items should be difficult. All handicaps like pads and things of the such should be turned off. The comepetive playlist should swing all the way into that direction. Making it a true chess game.

A balance of basic ranked and social modes. And what I mean by basic is similar to the movement we have now where abilites are turned off and it’s a toned down gameplay. Halo 5 was hard, not bad. The movement was just to much for some people and if they didn’t have an elite controller you weren’t pulling off some moves like other people were. This is why competitive should be its own thing through and through, complety seprate from the rest of the game. These basic ranked and social modes could feature the equipment instead of the advanced ranked playlist I talk about above. They would also have dedicated maps made for them as well.

All of this could’ve happened without stepping on the toes of people who wanted a fresh take on Halo but also want something that’s competitive out of it. The campagin could’ve satisfied both crowds and made sure Halo 5 had a proper ending while also introducing a story that fit like a puzzle piece to keep it going.

Sure there can be things added here and there but I think this is the very base the game would’ve stood on. Exactly what I listed above. Nothing more. Nothing less. The launch would’ve been known for its forge on launch. It would’ve been known for a story that could be played through in the same pace as halo CE - Halo infinite. It would have an exciting arena that doesn’t get old because it would be its own dedicated mode with maps, weapon placements, movement. Social would feel like true social because it would have infection and grifball at launch with basic game modes what swing all the way in the direction of social play

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If you believe in the Infinite Universe theory, then there would be infinite number of you’s and me’s, and an infinite number of 343i’s and Halo games. Therefore, as a matter of fact, at least one of those games will have launched as described in this topic. :thinking:

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In an alternate universe PCs and Xbox would probably be phased out long ago and we would be playing Halo Infinite in full immersion VR.

We are in the worst timeline.


Unfortunately that timeline where everything was ready for launch would need Covid not to exist.

They don’t do this for any sport. The playing area and rules are generally the same and for good reason, because casual play would never be able to grow your next Lebron or Ronaldo.

But, I do agree that they sometimes focus too much on the competitive scene. But, the interesting part is that most Pros are in favor of many criticisms that casual players are making. - we all just want the game to be fun, rewarding, and not frustrating to play.

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I’m seriously doubting Covid had that much of an impact on the late development for a game supposed to launch late 2020, and got a year, and probably a month, worth of delay. That’s roughly half a year between Campaign reveal and planned release.

Co-op and Forge are most likely also items not impacted by covid as they got even longer delays than the main game, not to mention the rumoured 2/3 rds of the entire game being cut.

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People in another timeline: “I can’t wait to play Skyrim: Old Hrothgar in my TEMP Mk VII… We must be in the worst timeline.”

I believe full immersion vr Halo is on the table for the future. I always imagined it too because the spartan helmet already seems like a VR system

So your saying that causal and competitive play needs to have the same rules so players can bridge the gap into competitive?

I honestly feel like ever since 343 had a eSports focused mind set they weren’t able to balance competitive and social because to many people want to many things and a lot of things over lap eachother. I think if competitive had its own focused vision it would thrive a lot more

The most overlapped Halo has ever been with casual and competitive was with Halo CE, and that worked out fine.

I don’t think the rules need to be exactly the same, just similar. Like most of the maps and weapon locations should be balanced. Balance is a good thing for casual players too. Otherwise, for example, some Sword guy just goes on a berserker which is not fun for anyone.

I’d rather say in this timeline. Can you imagine flood VR? shivers


We’re going to have it at some point.


I don’t like the sword in a Rena for exactly this reason.