Impulse Grenades

I’ve seen Impulse Grenades do damage…but never have I seen it actually kill anything. Am I crazy or do they just seem worthless?

they only drop shields. so yes worthless.

*Pulse Grenade

And I actually find it useful just for blocking off paths and taking down shields. I can use my gun and frags to kill them after that.

Funny you mention it. I got one a while ago. It spawned in front of me so I grabbed it and chucked it over a wall on solace. I didn’t see the kill but I got one.

They are basically EMP grenades, but they can kill.

I’ve gotten a few kills with them in MM. People are usually fast enough to get out of their effective range though.

Oh, okay, guess I never used one on a vehicle before. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the correction too, don’t know why I was calling them Impulse grenades. xP

i use them, and yes they dont kill people all that often. The little area of effect is pretty easy to spot, but if you can learn to throw them where the enemy is going to be its great for stripping shields, and if they somehow come in the area of effect after being thrown, usually because they’re jumping around they’ll land in the area of effect that will hurt them if they already arent damaged pretty badly and if they are hurt pretty badly they’ll get killed by the slow damage effect and if they somehow are alive after that they’ll get killed by the implosion after the grenade ends. To sum it up they arent bad, i mostly use them for stripping shields, but they can kill people and damage them pretty good if you throw it pretty good.

I thought you were being clever by calling them Impulse grenades (since people usually throw grenades right before death) but I guess it was a typo.

> they only drop shields. so yes worthless.

Wrong, they do more than that. They’re worthless if you are bad with them. You use them on cornered enemies or if for some reason you can’t kill a player whose shields are already down. However, plasmas and frags are certainly better and more practical. Perhaps if you started with two Pulse grenades rather than 1. Or if they did some sort of constant aim flinch when they hit. With a change like that they would be an extremely deadly and viable choice.

They’re good for area denial. Especially with the explosive perk.

they aren’t worthless, they drain shields while that bubble is in effect, if that isn’t enough of a reason to get out of it, you should know that it disintegrates anyone inside when it goes boom.
1st kill I got with it was a double kill on 2 over-shielded opponents (dominion, their last stand)

I am still curious why they didn’t move

When an enemy’s shields are out, throw one. It will kill.

I take the Grenadier thing so I can have two of them. I throw one behind and in front of an enemy so he is caught between them being ripped apart at the molecular level.

Because I assume that is what they do- de-moleculize you.

I haven’t unlocked them and don’t plan on doing so. I never use them. If I happen to have them in my inventory it’s because I picked them up by accident. I won’t go out of my way to grab them. To me, yes, they’re useless.

I’ve not found much utility with them, but I think I’ve been misusing them based on some of what I’ve read here.

PULSE grenades are mainly what I’ve recently been using, and yes, I killed 2~3 people with that so far (lol). Notwithstanding its seemingly uselessness, it’s been good to sort of control where the enemies move, since passing through it drains your shield making you an easy prey for my carbine.

Once you hitSR50 you have enough credits to unlock everything, so even if you save it for last, you may as well get them eventually. The stuff you get from specializations unlocks based on level at no cost. While I admit they were not one of the first things I picked up, I do occasionally find use for them. As many people here are already pointing out, they are good for area control and manipulating the enemy’s movement, and a well placed one can still fetch you a kill, or make the kill that much easier to obtain by removing shields.

Pulse grenades don’t get the attention they deserve. They aren’t lethal grenades like their UNSC and Covie counterparts. They are tactical. Throw one down to keep an enemy from advancing through that area. Besides, I’ve gotten a kill with the Pulse Grenade before. Although they have to be sitting inside the grenade basically the whole time.