Improving theater.

Theater was a fantastic addition to Halo in H3, it however, seemed a bit downgraded in Reach. I think that it would be nice if theater saw some major improvements like…

Video editing.
Lighting changes.
Different camera styles.
Better slow motion.
Rewind, Rewind, REWIND!!!

Seriously though. Why don’t we have rewind?

Video editing would be awesome - Ingame Monatges how cool would that be!?

Hell yeah! Why don’t we have rewind! :smiley:

Good thoughts OP! Well done!

Thanks man! :smiley: anyone notice there aren’t many trolls on these forums?

theater has gone almost five years and has only seen downgrades, it’s about time that changed!

They’re all brilliant ideas but I don’t see the editing happening, at least not in this generation of gaming. Even simple editing software is very complex and expensive, not to mention that theatre is rendered in real time. Making editing software that works with the theatre mode would be far too complex.

camera tilt angles
camera speed and boost speed (without the need to pan cam)
shaky cam (and other similar things)
party view
first person view for all players
ghost cam (able to past through all objects/walls/players)

> Thanks man! :smiley: anyone notice there aren’t many trolls on these forums?

Um, I don’t know where you’ve been looking, but I see trolls in this forum board ever other day.

Also, I like some of those ideas.
But I would like to say it’d be cool to record what your rewind.

I think rewind and faster fast forward are essential. The current fast forward is only 2.5x. WTF! If you get a clip towards the end of a match, you have to spend several minutes just sitting there fast forwarding. A 10x fast forward option, along with rewind, would be great.