Improving Halo Waypoint on mobile

I personally enjoy halo waypoint as I look at discussions, start discussions, and reply too. I look at it quite a lot whenever I am curious about anything halo really when thinking about an update for example that would be coming out soon. When I am not at home, I just pull up the website on chrome, put I feel that the Halo app would be so much faster and better for this use. The Halo app has not been updated since 2016 and therefore it is clunky and even does not work anymore, especially on newer phones. Maybe updating the app so we can access halo waypoint on mobile on a broader scale with the app would be cool. I think me and a many other Halo people would appreciate it if this was looked into. Any thoughts on this?

A Halo Waypoint app would be cool.

A Waypoint app is looooong overdue. I have been advocating this for a while now. It would add ease and simplify navigation for us users who frequent the forums here, rather than going through a website, and the addition of push notifications would be a warm welcome. Apparently there is an overhaul planned but I’m yet to hear much about it.

While an App would be cool, I’m not sure it’s in the cards at this point. It’s been brought up so many times before with pretty much no interest from 343. But tbf, I think most people are fine with the mobile site. I haven’t had any issues with it, and tbh it’s probably best I don’t have wildly easy access to a social media adjacent site on my phone. I cut all ties with social media a little over a month ago, and this is about the last thing I do that’s social media related. Adding it to my phone would be a major step backwards for me lol.

It would be nice to at least have an app to navigate these forums easily. It’s quite inconvenient to keep opening my mobile browser just so I can log on here.

Even halo channel on the Xbox One is bad and is a terrible replacement for waypoint. It hasn’t been updated and when watching something, it freezes. Please.

Honestly I’d love a Waypoint mobile app. Would make it much easier to read on the forums and post on the go then it is now.

I don’t really understand what a mobile app can provide that a website couldn’t. If you need quick access to the forums couldn’t you just add the forums page to your Home Screen and auto sign in? If they did make a forum app, wouldn’t it just be a version of that hidden behind a fancy front-end anyway?

If anything I feel like an app would be more likely to be buggy, since websites work universally across all devices with scaling options. Where apps on the other hand need to be updated specifically for both Android and iOS, and may not have scaling for various screen sizes.
Look at the Halo Channel, it was a mess when it was started. Thank gosh they’ve abandoned it, being forced to use it for terminals and community updates was crazy.