Improving Halo Part 2

By FunnyAnyway
Things to Change Part 2-

  • If you continue warzone make it so whoever does the most damage to the boss gets the kill. I can not tell you how many times I have watched my entire team firing at a boss for all its health and the enemy team somehow magically gets the kill. This is a huge turn off to play the game mode and ruins it as a whole. It changes the tide of battle to kill a boss and if the team that hits it with the last bullet gets the points then no one wants to interact with an unfair broken portion of the game. - Make all the req weapons permanent once you unlock them and not have a certain number of uses. It’s super annoying and discourages the player to use the items in fear of dying and losing them. Also by nature people want to save up so they continue not to interact with this mechanic and use items. I suggest that you fix this by having unlocks permanent but each one has a certain number of points and if you use them you use req points like you do now. However these will now take longer to charge up allowing you to have to use reqs more sparingly and balances the game over all. In addition to this legendary reqs will be very uncommon to unlock and or will require the highest amount of reqs available in a game. This will make it so that you are only able to use them once per game and you have to exceed within this game to get to such a high req number. This solution however will allow players to interact with everything within the game but they don’t have to live in fear of losing things and don’t have to get enraged when they die making the game more balanced and enjoyable for everyone. - Remove the mechanic where if you’re sprinting and you get shot it stops your sprinting animation. This is a severely crippling mechanic and it aggravates the player to not be able to run away at the most crucial time. - Just in general get a little of everything. Add gamemodes that have or don’t have sprint so old fans will have a place to go. Add playable elites and game modes that include them. Add classic firefight from halo reach and the new halo 5 firefight. Give people the liberty to play whatever type of game mode they wish and put it all in front of them and let them choose. The more choices you give a player the more they will be satisfied and the longer they will interact with your game. All fans will have a gamemode just for them that fits their needs and the more you add the happier people will be. You can still have a competitive side to halo that is spartans only and with all the normal setting but it doesn’t always have to play competitively if it’s just fun. - Incorporate the music better within the halo campaign. In halo 5 the songs often play at the most random times and don’t fit in at all with what is happening or there’s no music at all when there really should be. I have heard the halo 5 soundtrack and it’s very good and if there was more of it in action scenes the game would feel a lot less hollow and quiet and boring. - Make it so teams can have different starting weapons within custom game if the map creator sets it that way. I often want to do Elites vs human maps but the elites start with human weapons and are humans so the player doesn’t really know that or feel it. Let the map creator be able to make a team playable elites and change their settings like shields independently from the spartans settings. - Add a nighttime filter to forge maps so we don’t need to use so many pieces on chroma and we can have an effective proper night world. - Make the smartlink range of swords way shorter. In Halo 5 if you smartlink with a sword you almost instantaneously teleport 10 feet and kill your target and its too much especially in infection. - Halo Infinite - Developing Flood Mode - YouTube . Maybe make a group infection mode where your team of 3 is competing with the others to survive the longest or lose the least lives. - You can change each teams attributes in custom games instead of changing everyones settings as a whole. We know it isn’t competitive but it doesn’t have to be. - Be able to sell more than one req at a time so you don’t have to sit there forever selling things. - Fix all the little bugs and glitches that you have in halo 5, having them there ruins the game and looks unprofessional. - Keep the same formula from old halo games or at least a lot of it you don’t have to change so much. - Everything Halo Infinite NEEDS to be Successful - YouTube - Do not ever make the game pay to win if you’re going to have a loot crate you need to put purely aesthetic things in it that can also be earned (or most of it) through in game credits. - Make sure when the game releases it has no bugs or glitches and don’t hold back content and give it to us months later and call it free DLC. - Make the UI more fluid and easy to understand and use and put the armors in alphabetical order so it doesn’t look so cluttered. - Do not just add reskins of the same armor in order to create the illusion that there’s more content it makes none of the armor stand out and it all starts to look like one mess. This also puts a lot more stress on the game engine and results in more and more glitches. - Allow the player to back out of matchmaking I always get caught and can’t leave the game no matter what. - Make it so you can customise the AI in forge and change their colors or the areas that they patrol or their damage. - Give the player control to do anything that they want in forge because it will make the game more enjoyable and diverse and keep people interested for longer. People will create crazy new game modes or campaign missions and machinimas and it will bring more attention to your game and how great it is and how much you can do. If those things alone were added I would spend far more time interested in your game. - Less is more 343 you don’t need to add sooo many armor pieces and weapon variants and crazy things if you just make what you have better. Like in the case of halo reach it has far less armor but each one is highly distinguishable and unique from the last and you can customise little pieces on it which make it even more unique and the game engine is not overloaded because there is absolutely so much content. Also you don’t have to waste all that time drawing up each armor piece and can focus on something more meaningful. - You have already confirmed this but for the love of god always have split screen. It’s one of halo’s biggest points getting to play with someone next to you so always have it especially now when hardly any games are split screen. - Stop getting so absolutely money hungry microsoft. You’re a multi billion dollar company and halo is your biggest game and you’re ruining it because you’re so greedy and everyone sees it. Stop tainting 343 and let them make a game we want and people will actually buy it instead of losing sooo many players right off the bat because you withheld content and made it pay to win with loot boxes. It is also ridiculous that you can’t play forge without live and just shows how much you’re trying to make people spend money on microsoft and people will start to hate you for being so greedy. See Next List