Improving as a player

Does anyone have any tips I can use to step up my game and increase my CSR? I always find myself outmatched by more skilled players.

Most of what I will list does not just apply to Halo 4 but will help you if you are just interested in getting better at Halo 4.

  • Watching gameplay on youtube from good players will show you how they fight against enemies, survive hard situations, use certain weapons, and more around the map to outsmart their opponent. If you are having a hard time finding a consistent amount of gameplay to watch I can provide mine if you need it,

  • Play with a friend or opponent who is better in custom games where they can show you the ropes and explain why they do the things they do or how to improve something you are weak on

  • If you have a terrible match take it as a way to get free training. Go into theater mode and see where, how, and why you died. Try to apply what you learn to your future matches. Like if you keep finding yourself dying in the same spots or dying in a lot of similar situations then don’t do that stuff as often.

  • Stay with your team. Don’t just run off away from everyone going rambo unless you know your team can distract for you. I like to call it the ‘pocket’. Stay within range or around your team. If the enemy comes attacking you won’t be the first to go and can help support or escape if need be so your teammates can respawn near you to help.

  • Halo is a mental game more than many realize. If you keep thinking you will lose you will. You need to forget the losses and focus on the matches at hand. It may sound silly but you will play better and gain momentum.

  • Switch up your sensitivity if you find yourself not hitting opponents with accuracy. Having a sensitivity of 10 is just stupid. It won’t make you play better just because it works for another player. Use what is comfortable for you. Being able to turn around and do outlandish 360 noscopes isn’t going to get you the win against good players.

  • learn the more intricate map routes or flanking moves. If you can surprise your opponent it will get you the kill more than a good 4 shot with a BR head on. Always taking the most known routes is predictable and good layers will expect you to be there.

  • don’t chase. No really, don’t do it. Just because a guy is 1 shot that doesn’t mean he’s not a threat after he goes around a corner. I have killed so many players by this. The easier way is to pretend to be weak and bait them around the corner as I throw a nade on the ground to kill them. Only chase if you have a power weapon which will give you a certain kill.

I think that is all I got for now … hope it helps.

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