Please fill teams that are short if within the first minute or so of the game. Even if it is just the first 20 seconds. It is a complete waste of time to play a match with either team shorthanded. We want a fair fight and a fair gauge of our abilities from either perspective. It’s no surprise that when a team is shorthanded, their stats suffer dramatically. There is no reason why teams should be forced to fight a match shorthanded. It is awful for both teams. It’s unfairly advantageous to the larger team, and unfairly overwhelming to the shorthanded team. Not to mention the matches take a lot longer. If there is a person that has joined your fireteam but joined in the middle of a match, what possible reason is there that they shouldn’t be able to join the match in progress if their team is shorthanded. You should probably allow people to quit matches that have 2 or less players without risk of a ban. I really don’t think stats should count towards category totals or rank in matches with less than 4 people. Definitely not in matches with less than 3 people. Especially considering so many matches are played shorthanded. I could have 2 of 5 matches played with a team that is shorthanded. It is not fair to have those considered. Could possibly add a skunk number such as 30/10 or something like that.

Please add more stats such as damage taken, shots fired, kill rate when an enemy is engaged, damage done and accuracy with each weapon type, enemies engaged who are not damaged yet, etc. There are all sorts of interesting stats that could be added. What does every player do in between matches? They look at the stats from the previous match.

Please make the ranks based off of more than wins and losses. There is no reason that kill/death should not be considered as well. It is unfair to both ends of the spectrum. The average player plays with great people and the team does extremely well, but then plays with people of a more similar ability to their own and get dominated more often than not because of the matchmaking with higher level players. It also does not do justice to people that consistently go positive but are on worse teams. You can’t say that one player can make that big of a difference because when they are not surrounded by great players they do not perform at the same level within the matchmaking parameters.

Also if focused matchmaking is chosen and a match is found within 10 seconds and there is still one or two people that heavily outrank other players in the game, maybe you should allow it to search for a few more seconds.

Please please allow maps to be vetoed or selected in some manner. The randomization sucks. We can play for 4 hours straight and still not play certain maps, while we play the same map 8 times.

In addition, please update maps more frequently. I’m sure you have received hundreds if not thousands of maps made by normal people. If not, have one guy who is paid to develop new maps. Also, there is really no excuse to not have many of the fan favorite maps from halo’s of the past included in map lists.

Please please make a Big Team Slayer category. I do not know anyone that wants to play capture the flag ever, and even strongholds gets old pretty quickly. For slayer purists it would be nice to change up the dynamic of the gameplay as well as being able to enjoy different maps. It gets really old playing Normal slayer only. My friends and I essentially refuse to play big team because we despise capture the flag and do not prefer strongholds. Some of us actually prefer Big Team Slayer to normal slayer, but are forced to just do normal because of aforementioned reasons. There is no reason why you cant have a dedicated Big Team Slayer category.

Following up on big team improvements. Perhaps you could make vehicles less powerful in big team. One thing I’m confused about is how a person in an open cockpit that has their body exposed, can take far more damage than normal when taking direct hits to the body. In example people on mongoose or ghost. They should take the same amount of damage to be killed as someone running. Also the Banshee can be too powerful on certain levels. I’ve seen people, myself included, get 30 kills and almost no deaths during a match while flying a banshee. Seems silly, especially for people such as myself that prefer gameplay that does not involve being in a vehicle.

Also it seems like damage done is not always correct. I’m not sure how someone with over 15 kills could have under 300 damage in a match, especially considering they have killed people entirely by themselves. Something is a little strange about that.

Higher drop rate of weapon skins would be nice, not that it affects gameplay in any way. It would just be nice to have something else to customize for the hours dedicated to playing. In example I have been playing for 8 months and often play for over 15 hours in a week, yet I still only have 2 battle rifle weapon skins and 1 dmr skin. Seems kinda ridiculous. Also if a player picks up a fresh weapon off of the ground, perhaps you could allow them to use the weapon with the skin that they have selected.

There are many more improvements that could be made that I’m sure have slipped my mind. Bottom line is that Halo is the probably the most popular and longest lasting shooter ever, and it does not seem that simple changes that would greatly improve the game are being made. Give me a salary and one guy that can do the programming and we will undoubtedly make this the greatest first person shooter in current times.