Improvements to sprint for it to stay in halo 4

If Sprint stays in Halo 4 (as I believe it should), signifigant improvements need to be made to the ability in order for it to work. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Infinite Sprint by default, so no one gets stuck watching as someone runs away from a fight

  2. Instant 360 degree movement in any direction with Sprint. For example if you are sprinting forward, you should be able to press back on the controller, and instantly whip around, regardless of what your sensitivity is.

  3. No panting sound effects

  4. The ability to reload, shoot and melee while Sprinting

What good is sprint if you can turn to all directions, and move like you want? It’s excactly the same as having one default movement speed.

Your “improvements” would just improve on making the game even worse. Remove sprint all together. That’s the only way to make gameplay consistent again.

Lol your idea makes sprint so OP, it’s untrue. I mean really, melee while sprinting? That’s freaking ridiculous, and reloading while sprinting? That’s OP as well, Sprint has no place in Halo.

Sprint also makes the sword and hammer require NO strategy at all any more either.

Best solution is to up movement speed and jump and height distance, rendering sprint redundant.

Sorry I dont want anything of that -Yoink- in halo 4, if it is im not buying it.

I know many people hate sprint, because they regard it as a rubbish armor ability and complain how it creates unfairness and slows down game-play. So what if you moved very fast normally, but after moving in the same direction for a certain amount of time you began to pick up speed rapidly, which would eventually result in the player moving 20 or 30% faster than usual in any direction, it would only restart if the player completely stopped, but it would not apply for switching directions (e.g. strafing left and right). This would make moving at that speed normal for everyone and make it a more realistic and feasible experience.

It could also be made to feel more realistic by adding better sounds for the faster movement, so it is clear to hear that you running very fast e.g. maybe dull metallic thuds on the floor that become more rapid as you get faster, maybe a little wind rushing past you visor, just to make it a better experience.

I think if it were looked into a bit more it could really work and maybe that way everybody would suffice. It would technically be default because your not holding your gun down to move faster, your just picking up speed and to other people you would appear to be picking up speed because the body would be moving in motion to the higher speed but still being able to function normally as you would in default.

oh, I have an idea i have been saving. merge sprint and evade together. press to evade, or hold to sprint.

I think a good way to balance sprint is to keep it as is now, but once your health drops below a quarter or so you can no longer sprint. This would prevent many from sprinting away to save themselves, and still allow thr use of sprint for other purposes.

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Sprint in all directions? No panting sound effect? Am I the only one confused by these ideas? When you sprint (meaning you, in your body, NOT your virtual body) can you sprint backwards or sideways? And after sprinting for a prolonged time don’t you start to breathe pretty heavily? The whole concept of sprinting was for 343 to make it a little more realistic. That being said I think 343 actually did a pretty decent job at it. I mean sure, you can’t shoot while doing so, but if YOU were to try and aim a weapon while sprinting I think you’d find it very difficult to do so. Let alone trying to compensate for the recoil of a military-grade firearm while doing so. And lastly for those of you complaining that people use it to run away when their health gets low, why not use your own sprint to chase after them, knowing they are already weak and that they have to turn away from you to sprint away, thus giving YOU access to their back for an assassination. it’s a battlefield, so use every tactical situation to your advantage

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