Improvements for H4 Forging

Where do I begin well, Forge Started in H3, it was great idea, but very, very sketchy and making a great map required skill patience and too much time, not something many people had. Now in reach It’s great anyone with the right amount of time dedication and caffine can make a sound looking map, but it still lacked something every one wanted; texture changes, being able to age/damage buildings, having the ability to add plant life and more importantly level changes raising the height of the ground, or lowering it (Day/night and season changes would’ve been great too, but SPFX will have to do for now)

In H4 I hope they include things like this even if it’s just in a smaller format adding trees would be great and texture changes maybe would need a separate map, a ‘blank canvas recommended for forge editing only’ It would allow so much more creativity, a whole new aspect on community maps, redefining gaming.