improvements for Firefight 3.0

My ideas for improving firefight.

Eliminate the pool of lives, and turn it into one life per wave

Revives: You should have a piece of equipment that gives the capability of reviving a recently fallen teammate for a certain amount of times Ex. 2 Biofoam Shots(1 per revive, can’t be ressuplied)

Secondary objectives.

Progressive map gameplay: Big Maps that have many areas that are blocked at the start of the match but as you complete secondary objectives more parts get unlocked.

Playable Elites alongside the Spartan IV’s

Bosses and boss waves:

Boss waves: Same as H3:ODST
Bosses: Really tough enemies that have to be beaten in a special way. Ex. A big Proto Gravemind that directs a number of combat forms to you then becomes vulnerable, repeat or (insert something awesome he could do tp make it harder) until it is beaten.

Multiple factions to fight against or 3-way battles (Player vs Bots vs Bots)

These are my ideas if you have any suggestion or objection I’ll gladly read them and respond to your feedback

I would honestly like to see firefight return to exactly to the way it was in ODST. And when I say exactly, I mean exactly. The only allowable difference would be the enemies, but that’s a given. I liked the challenge of playing as an ODST.

I’d like to be able to pick my warthog variant… Tired of missiles :confused: Installation Zero-four is the only good Vehicle map IMO.

I’d like to see AI friendlies return like in Zero-four.
If possible also Firefight Forge, without the ability to place INSANE building blocks, but merely explosives,ammo stations,turrets,vehicles etc.